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Gorgeous settings in sea side towns, unique aspects not seen in other anime, and realistic character interactions among a group of kids who have grown up together.
report Recommended by jealousghost
Sure was a suprise . It had the same features as nagi no asukara. It's still quite mysterious. Its very similar to Nagi because of the characters and the place its located. Its just a small town near the sea with not so many people. Very good if you like a little comedy and romance in a slice of life kind of anime. Though it may be a little slow .
report Recommended by -weilyem-
Nagi no Asukara & Glasslip both gives a feel of drama between friends who have been together for a long time. These story starts with the involvement of another person that created a domino effect aka one thing leading to another. They also share similar genres and art, plotted in a small town.
report Recommended by Aleron
This is literally the exact same show. -Group of friends get interrupted by the arrival of a new, seemingly emotionless male student in their group -Main character is a silly genki girl -Plot seems to be based around the love spider web, leaving the actual premise on the back burner. -Sachi is Miuna (Not that that's a bad thing) -Takes place in a seaside town -Same animation/character designs -Same overall feel -Same show Needless to say, if you liked NagiAsu, and want a simila- another NagiAsu, watch Glasslip.
report Recommended by maxtheax
Similarities: - Group of school-age teens/kids - Web of relationships ("he likes her but she likes this other guy" kinda deal) - Seaside setting - Fantasy element (fish people in Nagi no Asukara, seeing into the future in Glasslip) - Manaka is similar to Touko - Relaxing soundtrack/opening theme Differences: - Rushed ending in Glasslip (better, more developed ending in Nagi no Asukara) - No undersea city/fish people - In general, Nagi no Asukara has younger protagonists (middle school vs. high school) - Glasslip is shorter than Nagi no Asukara (13 episodes compared to 26)
report Recommended by nekodaiba
-Both school setting -Girl falling in love with the stranger guy -Love Polygon/Hexagon
report Recommended by Mizeteo
- Both have an iddentical scenario - Both have a triangle or square love -Both have beautiful OP song
report Recommended by 3pilif
-Same studio -Slice of life and romance -Setting (Port Town) -Seems like a huge love polygon
report Recommended by Crylo
And P.A Works studio keeps them rolling! First things first, both series has high quality visuals and animation which is always a pleasure. Similar atmosphere where it can be light and warming but also can be mysterious and tense. The characters are typical P.A Works standard where both sets of characters personalities are nearly identical. Nonetheless a fairly good Slice of Life/Drama. Where there is drama, there is romance.
report Recommended by papsoshea
Both by P.A. Works Similar type of genre where character development will play a huge role in acceptance of the new character, or drama inside the group Both have characters whos main role is to effect the outcome of the party they are involved in. Love and drama will be factors as a Male rivalry kicks in
report Recommended by Kocari
A person like a person but the person likes another person (complications) Their both awesome even thought Glasslip just came out !!!!!!!
report Recommended by genxx123
Has a really similar feel to Nagi no Asukara Close group of friends that get thrown into a bit of chaos following the introduction of a new student Complicated love triangles/squares/pentagons Similar characters Tsumugu - Okikura (I swear Okikura is an older version of Tsumugu) Hikari - Yukinari Manaka - Touko
report Recommended by TheJoshyMeister
Both anime have similar moods and atmosphere and is also centered on romance with complex relationships. NagiAsu and Glasslip are both located in a port town while the former having an added fantasy genre with people living under the sea.
report Recommended by Coopsloxx
Both have a new guy that comes into the friend group, fucks up all the relationships, and never really shows how they feel. Oh and they both make you feel like crap, never fulfilling all the time you wasted watching the show.
report Recommended by clairebernadette
Beautiful animation with a beautiful soundtrack. Both anime deal with a group of friends slowly starting to drift apart as feelings are revealed and conflict ensues. The theme of change is also constantly prevalent in both.
report Recommended by Protaku
- Same studio (P.A. Works) - Same genres (Slice of life and romance) - Love Polygon (he likes her, but she likes someone else) - Seaside setting - Group of friends that receive a new person in their group. - Similar main character
report Recommended by Karo_C
Both shows consist of love webs with at least each of the main group being in love with another member. Both also involve an initial group being introduced to a subtle and quiet guy, who essentially impacts the group and their relations with each other
report Recommended by Short_Circut