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Death Parade
Both are like virtual counseling sessions for the audience. Albeit one with more thrills and the other more slice of life. Both have the best episodic stand alone stories in all of anime, and the most of them to boot.
report Recommended by vasili101
- Both series deal with bartenders whom notices small things about people to in Death Parade's case, judge them, in Bartender's case to help or comfort them. - The tone of these two shows are pretty similiar as both deal with serious topics. In bartender's case, it's perhaps a bit more laid-back. - Both bartenders are really cool and knowledgeable about what they're doing.
report Recommended by watashinosekai
Both series atmospherically seem the same to me, as well as both having a charming bartender as one of the main characters. One of the series is more slice of life whilst the other focuses more on psychological themes. However, both series resemble a riveting episodic session focusing on individual people's lives, how they got to be who they are, and solving their problems, or not, depending on the series. Bartender and Death Parade, similarly, have some of the best stand-alone stories per episode that'll leave you hooked. Bartender is a little slower-paced and more focused on solving everyday problems than leaving you mind-fucked over   read more
report Recommended by mosaicboy
Bartender doesn't have death games but it does have people coming in terms with their life or fixing their problems through a bit of soul searching.
report Recommended by Gundroog
The protagonists in both series are bartenders. Both shows deal with human emotion, psychology and morality. They both play out in episodic format (more so with Bartender), with one-off characters that discuss/reveal past or present emotional situations in their lives.
report Recommended by SnugglyWhuggly
Delicious drinks Various people at their life-crisis and in desperate need of help/realisation of what they have done wrong Male main character Yummy drinks Both anime series with around same number of episodes yumyum drinks Somewhat intense alcohol
report Recommended by ririchiyomika
Both anime have episodic plots. Both anime rely heavily on emotion (more so in Bartender than in Death Parade). Both anime have memorable main themes. Both anime have great jazz-oriented soundtracks.
report Recommended by bmoore07
First of all Bartender is playing at a bar too. But more important: Both Animes are about the life stories of many different people visiting this bar which creates kinda the same feeling in both shows. Bartender also got the same atmosphere as Death Parade, since the style is just pretty similar and very cooled down.
report Recommended by plz55
Both have a ‘Bar’ atmosphere. Every episode different guests appear. Both protagonists are heavily involved with their guests. OSTs are great. Feels factor.
report Recommended by domskieeee