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Kemonozume is another of Masaaki Yuasa's works and has many similar themes. Kemonozume has a much looser more experimental style of animation and it arguably less polished than 2018's Devilman, but if you've developed a taste for Yuasa's direction after finishing Devilman Crybaby then I'd say you are ready to take on this series.
report Recommended by trollesque
Both titles are directed by Yuasa Masaaki with a similar dark and gritty atmosphere. As well as similar art, animation, and a similar vibe. The main protagonist in both anime trying to remain human while having a demon inside of them. Both anime are filled with blood, gore, and gratuitous nudity. If you like one, you will enjoy the other.
report Recommended by Hellspawn28
Yuasa Masaaki shows with a gritty atmosphere that involve demons that can take a human form.
report Recommended by ItsXolo
Two gory, erotic, psychedelic Monster-in-Human-Disguise stories, directed by Yuasa Masaaki. Easiest recommendation in my life.
report Recommended by Chaostrooper
Masaaki Yuasa is the man who directed both of these very unique animated anime series. Both anime question humans and monsters as species, and who is actually the real monster? They both get very graphical with gore and nudity, but it is nothing too horrorful to be of too much harm, however this does mean that the anime may not be for everyone. I recommend to watch Devilman: Crybaby first to see if you are up for his work, and if you like it you should check out Kemonozume as well.
report Recommended by Kukker
The similarities in direction and art-styles are unmistakable. The art-styles are definitely not for everyone as they take a very artistical and uncommon aproach from what we typically see in the anime medium. Several moments and key points of Devilman: Crybaby remind me of Kemonozume. However, while Kemonozume starts quite dark and seriously it ends too over-the-top while Crybaby's beginning is pretty comical but ends up in a really serious and dark tone. That is the main reason I found Devilman: Crybaby more enjoyable but still recommend both. While these two anime feel pretty ridiculous at times they share strong and cruel themes. Some of these include   read more
report Recommended by INU4SH4
-Both are works directed by Yuasa Masaaki , hence the similar artstyle that involves psychedelic visuals , some nudity and plenty of violence (which is characteristic to Devilman franchise inherently ) -Both center around the conflict between humanity and demons / flesh eaters and raise questions as what does it truly mean to be human or rather being humane. -Even auditory wise are very similar, I was able to identify soundtracks from Kemonozume in Devilman: Crybaby, also the opening themes sound very alike, except that Devilman's opening theme is instrumental entirely. -Both involve protagonists that struggle with their demon side and try   read more
report Recommended by RavenYami
Animes share similar spirit of making a picture. I totally recommend it to watch.
report Recommended by Xcox
Similar at the start, strange monster, same style, explicit. Is in some extent about the same theme (but not fully)
report Recommended by Phosphore
Kemonozume shares a lot of similarities with DevilMan CB. From art style to the type of tone that the story gives off, it makes you look at humanity from an interestingly dark stand point, while some light still manages to shine through the brutality of it all. If you like a forward plot and a good amount of bloodshed with sexual tension, just like in DevilMan Crybaby, then this anime should interest you. Not everything is perfect about Kemonozume; I found that I much preferred the first half of the show in comparison to the last half, but there were interesting plot twists throughout it   read more
report Recommended by PhoenixA
Similar art. Same author. Overdose of sex and gore. Though some philosophical questions are mentioned too. Main characters are half-monsters who fight their inner beast in attempt to remain human and find their place in a world.
report Recommended by Nemo_Niemand