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FinlayMiles Sep 21, 2:10 PM
Hey, I'm glad I've found someone else here who loves Whisper of the Heart and related to Shizuku a lot (she's one of my favourite characters too, if not my absolute)! I've really wanted to watch the WMT shows for a while, but I don't know which one to start with (though I was thinking Akage No Anne). Could you maybe recommend me a watching order? Thanks :)
TheNotoriousJOB Sep 6, 1:33 PM
Yeah I think you'll really like it, but it's a slow burn at 216 episodes. The first season took me a while to finish but after that it started moving pretty quickly.

And yes the first OP is fantastic!
asckj1 Sep 6, 12:55 AM
You're most welcome :)
TheNotoriousJOB Sep 5, 10:56 PM
How are you liking Doremi?
asckj1 Sep 5, 12:21 AM
Thank you very much for the appreciation :) Yeah I was a bit shocked too when one day I suddenly felt like searching for this show and found no subs for it! Even though Little Women II has already been subbed too! This show used to come on our local TV and dubbed in our local language. And I was pretty hooked to it when it was airing waay back then. So when I saw only raws for this show I thought this show needs subs urgently! More and more people need to watch this beautiful story. So started this project. Though I have no idea if the subs are up to the mark, but I still will continue this project. Some subs are better than none, aren't they?
Oh from the world masterpiece theatre I've watched Romeo's Blue Skies. It's another wonderful show. So if you haven't watched it yet, please do. It's totally recommended. And now that you have mentioned Anne of Green Gables, I've gotta download that show and watch too.
Thanks again for your continued encouragement. I'll try my best :)

PS: I just wanted to ask this-> In the world masterpiece theatre club here on mal, in one of your comments I saw you writing "we won't have to spend our money in subbing Little Women..." I am a bit confused. Do people take money for fansubbing from you guys? This doesn't seem right if it's true.
Kirigoe Aug 25, 6:12 PM
Bem, Romeo eu consegui assistir um pedaço em PT, mas desde o início desse ano eu deixei de depender de sub br e só vejo anime legendado em ingles mesmo, no final das contas é mais fácil.
Eu também uso esses sites, mas é muito chato de achar, eu lembro que tive que ir em uns 20 links pra achar princess Sara pra ver ( por sinal não continuei até hoje, preguiça ). Foi nesse seu comentário que eu acabei achando seu perfil pra dizer a verdade

Ambos só perdem pra Hotaru no Haka mesmo, eu só deixo Whisper of the heart nos favoritos porque a imagem é muito bonita(assim como o filme), no geral, eu acabo adorando todos ou maioria dos filmes da Ghibli, então cada um tem um pedaço do meu coração, assim como 1 lição aprendida por cada um deles.
Kirigoe Aug 25, 3:47 PM
Aha, obrigado por me aceitar, por sinal
EXATAMENTE, foi pelo mesmo motivo que eu mandei o request pra vc, na verdade, se não for incomodar, eu gostaria de pedir uma ajuda, Depois de ver Romeo eu fiquei caçando alguns animes do WMT mas eu não achei muitos lugares pra baixar, vc sabe de algum?
vc também tem 2 dos meus 3 filmes favoritos da Ghibli nos favoritos, +respect
Dyret Aug 21, 10:41 AM
Here's the link:

Well put, I agree with everything you said about LWII. I find that I struggle to formulate just what makes it so good, but I think a part of it is how well thematic depth is incorporated into a (largely) episodic show, while the stories and small arcs themselves are both cozy and entertaining.

Perrine's only real problem, I'd say, is that the first 15 or so episodes are almost identical to each other: Perrine and her mother travels through a new town, and episodic shenanigans that are of little to no consequnce happen. But once the actual story begins, it's pretty great. Unfortunately you can't really help but compare it to Osamu Dezaki's adaption of the author's other work, Nobody's Boy Remi, which is better.
Dyret Aug 21, 2:22 AM
You might have seen already, but it seems someone else have begun subbing Little Women! Seems like good news, hopefully they will do all of it.

Oh, and I finished LWII a while ago (plus Perrine and almost My Daddy Long Legs too) and thought it was really good. It turned out it continued where the first book ended, whereas the first anime only adapts about half of it, so my initial complaints were somewhat unfounded.
Dyret Jul 13, 8:21 AM
I absolutely understand where you're coming from, especially about the overdramatization. Dr. Chilton's death in particular felt a little too convenient. Having watched Pollyanna after Sara and right after My Annette I thought it seemed like it tried to go for something similarly tearjerking, even though the source material itself wasn't quite suited for that, but in the end I thought it was quite heartwarming and some moments were genuinely touching.
Some other things that annoyed me was how often they showed the flashback of Pollyanna with her father, and how obvious Jimmy being Ruth's son was long before it was "officially" revealed.
Pollyanna herself gets bonus points from me for being voiced by Mitsuko Horie. Infact most of WMT has great casting for the main female characters.
Dyret Jul 12, 11:58 AM
I really think you would enjoy the first Little Women series. It is probably the one that is most similar to Anne in terms of themes and, arguably, quality. They both have the same character designer too, Yoshifumi Kondo, who you probably know directed Whisper of the Heart! One of its greatest strengths, I think, is how well realized the characters are, both in design and personality.

Pollyanna was my least favourite before I watched Katri. I bumped it up one point because, while I don't think Katri is as good as it, I didn't think it deserved a 5 either, and after some reflecting I realized that I actually liked Pollyanna quite a lot. I actually enjoyed watching Katri well enough to finish it in less than a week, which I think is a testament to the general quality of the WMT series, that even my least favourite was that engaging. However, that high standard makes Katri stick out all the more when put up against masterpieces like Anne. Interestingly, I've heard that Katri is pretty popular among Japanese fans and is considered underrated or overlooked. I do hope you end up enjoying it more than I did.
Dyret Jul 11, 6:59 PM
I do enjoy it. However, at first I was a little disappointed that it essentially retcons a lot of the first series, which ends with Jo travelling to New York to become a better writer, while you are told explicitly that she and Theodore will end up married.
In this, all of that is thrown out of the window; she has apparently given up writing, married Fritz and started a school, all with no explanation. The story has very little to do with the first one, and might as well have been its own self contained story, so the changes felt meaningless. Even so, I've gotten over my initial grievances and am enjoying it thoroughly.

Likewise, I'm interested to hear your take on Katri. I'm sad to say I didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped I would, especially since out of all WMT series it is the one set closest to my country culturally. Not that it's bad, per se, but it felt aimless. Little seemed to actually happen and the character designs were weird.
TheNotoriousJOB Jul 9, 7:14 PM
No problem! It really is a perfect union of magical girl shenanigans (CCS) and grounded realistic development (Ghibli/WMT).
TheNotoriousJOB Jul 9, 11:44 AM
You seem like a person who would really like Ojamajo Doremi
PaninaManina Jun 28, 7:44 PM
Eu não deveria me meter nessas histórias porque são muito imprevisível e estável. Eu pegar um filme e fazer a legenda sozinha porque deu vontade e upar em algum lugar é fácil, participar de algo mais longo e que outros dependem... mesmo assim não consigo evitar de querer ajudar.
Infelizmente o máximo que posso fazer é talvez ajudar a revisar alguma legenda e talvez nem isso.
Desculpa, se pudesse eu pagava por legendas de todas as séries do WMT e outros animes que tenho interesse, se pudesse já teria feito isso.
Estou por aqui mas é melhor não contar comigo, eu posso acabar sumindo sem aviso um dia desses.