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Apr 17, 2020
“Remove everything pointless from an imperfect life, and it'd lose even its imperfection.”

“Ten years ago. I was a college student at the time, and I had been kidnapped and imprisoned by U, a young girl in elementary school.”
(Such a lovely premise for an odd, peculiar, strange, yet, sweet and inspiring tale.)

NisiOisiN-sensei and another penned art of wonder – an obeisance. Needless to introduce. This novella, as bizarre as it is, is exquisitely enough interesting and charming, captivating in its own unique and intrinsic way. The story and narrative presents, and devotes, itself in the most dramatic and profound fashion, making the reader keep turning read more
Mar 3, 2019
Gunnm (Anime) add (All reviews)

Welcome to the stupendous and imaginary world of Kishiro Yukito-sensei!

GUNNM (Battle Angel Alita) proves to be a deep and breath-taking work, brimming with charming and intrinsic characters, a powerful and driving story, and a cosmogony as beautiful as it is gloomy, being, after a fashion, a dystopia of a fallen world, once one has delved into it. In Gally (or Alita) we found the drive and valour of a cyborg girl searching for her lost memories, the gore and goose bumps across the skin amongst extraordinary battles as she becomes a Hunter Warrior. Moreover, the nascent, ambiguous and poetic love between man and machine; read more
Oct 11, 2017
“Remember me? I was the one who would not abandon you. Even in death I was the one who would not leave you. Remember me?”

Are memories really that important?
Would you care if you lose them?
Would you, deliberately, cast them away?

SAO fans should know what to expect of this movie: the hype was sky-high, and Ordinal Scale met those lofty expectations, astonishingly!

After the Aincrad fateful events, Asuna and Kirito are back to the so called reality. The year 2026 elapses and, in it, a new crescent cosmogony; an inventive and conspicuous technology has emerged - Augma, an alternative system to the AmuSphere, where players can consciously read more
Sep 18, 2017
No, this has nothing to do with the Death Note universe, except for the reminiscence of the already known characters L, Misora Naomi-san and, the storyteller, Mello. So, to all the Kira enthusiasts out there, make no mistake - your hero, your god is not here!

But, error not, nonetheless this is a great story. Written by Nisio Isin (Monogatari series, Medaka Box) and illustrated by Obata Takeshi, the artist behind Death Note (though little there is to be appreciated, solely some cool, shady portraits, now and then), BB Renzoku Satsujin Jiken is a dazzling tale holding a secret thirsting to be revealed. It is an read more
Sep 16, 2017
(light spoilers, though is more accurate to call it foreseeable events)

first of all, kudos to all you Altair admirers!
spectacular concept! truthfully. imagine, meeting your own creation and interact with the same… and that’s it. now, this is one of the two noteworthy aspects of this series that i’ll be mentioning - everything else sucks!

popping up out of the paper, out of the screen, without an acceptable explanation, or an attempt to, ending up with no explanation whatsoever, somebody’s “creation” begins to fight in our world, the real world (we are the gods here!), in a first episode that had everything to sail towards a good read more
Mar 2, 2016
“nineteenth century Japan was a culturally dynamic society with much in common with its present-day counterpart. Many artists of the time, starting from Hokusai and his daughter O-Ei, had personalities and lives more interesting than any novelist could conceive."

depicting the life of Katsushika Hokusai, Sarusuberi, however, is far more than the eye meets. the film centres around O-Ei, daughter of the extraordinary artist Tetsuzo, was a woodblock artist herself, painting with and for her father.

more than just being and aging lonely man, Tetsuzo and his “cowardice”, as O-Ei so elegantly put, tends to isolate himself, even through he lives with O-Ei read more
Sep 3, 2014
1945, Japan was defeated in WWII. We find ourselves in the beautiful greenery island of Shikotan, and the Russian army has taken the land as their own. Junpei and Kanta are two little brothers who find themselves in the spoils of war and have to face this cruel reality. When two countries collide, we happen to discover different cultures, distinct features, language barriers and ruffling history. “Giovanni no Shima” takes us onto the railroads of a train, and stopping at every station, it shows us how to break those obstacles and teaches us about longing and loss, but also bravery and determination to achieve one’s read more
Dec 11, 2013
An ancient anime artefact, this is, probably, the only way I can find to describe this relic.
You simply cannot ignore “Mezame no Hakobune”, its power is almost unreal. This CGI animation will pull you from within the depths of the ocean (SHO-HO), as you swam with whales and sharks and rays, lifting you then, leading through a surreal stream of consciousness. Transpiring widely across the skies (HYAKKIN), will acknowledge you as you watch, through the eyes of the seagulls, the land from above. In a more somewhat melancholic, yet enlightened finale (KU-UN), you might question, and wisely doing so, the very origin of life; the read more
Dec 10, 2013
Surely you’re all familiar with the proverb “an image is worth a thousand words”; well, this wonder from Ghibli (yet another one) fits perfectly on it. In Iblard Jikan you’ll experience a magical journey, as you look through a canvas, because this particular and unique anime seems very much like an exquisite exhibition taken from an art gallery. In here, you will see, photogram by photogram, a vast new planet and, inside its whole, an immensity of worlds lost through space and time. From forgotten floating islands, flowering fields, futuristic ambiences, antique and decadent villages, and more. In an OVA such as this, in which read more
Nov 21, 2013
as a deep fan of dream theater and a somewhat otaku, i found this anime music video the perfect bridge of connection between these two worlds. surely, i do believe that this music video will no be appreciated by just anyone, but keep this in mind, i also believe that you don’t have to be a progressive metal headbanger to know how to perceive that “forsaken” is a master piece (yet another one) created by gonzo. the lyrics, written by john petrucci, tells us the story of a somewhat distant love that we are condemned to lose once we attained it. gonzo then makes read more