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Shingeki no Kyojin: Lost Girls
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Shirokuma Cafe
Shirokuma Cafe
Dec 9, 2:14 AM
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Gokukoku no Brynhildr
Gokukoku no Brynhildr
Sep 18, 1:47 AM
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BunnyPower Dec 8, 1:31 PM
yuragukotonaiai Nov 25, 11:16 AM
Arigatou tsubagakure-kun pelas tuas sugestões!
Algumas coisas ainda não conhecia, por isso à medida que as for explorando, vou-te dando feedback :) aproveitando que conheces tanto de anime, com certeza terás muitas mais sugestões pra mim! E são muito benvindas! Mesmo que as nossas preferências possam divergir um pouco, é fixe poder conhecer e partilhar os nossos interesses. :D
NinaGoth Nov 11, 7:12 PM
Yeah, I've been switching through many fandoms these days, and I still have a lot of personal ones on queue to watch/read. I wish I had the time to get them all. I finished Inuyashiki though, and I honestly enjoyed the story. I'll watch the anime once its aired, I don't like waiting for upcoming episodes. I also need to pick up some new seasons of old shows I like, to catch up with their storyline (sometimes I even forgot main details 'cause I watch to much stuff at the same time) *gets distracted easily by new fandoms* XD
You know what I've been wanting to watch for several months now? Initial D. I don't even like cars, but man, that meme with the song is stalking me, I hear it everywhere. It's probably a sign of Anime-sama leading into the right course, right?
Hope you have a great weekend!
Much love!
Batsmo Oct 31, 11:11 AM
Ohhhh, Girls' Generation !
Happy Halloween to you aswell ^-^
NinaGoth Oct 31, 10:37 AM
Happy Halloween to you too!!! xD
Yeah, review your job as a mean to pay for minimal stuff. Go to work, do your tasks mindfully and decently, avoid drama, get paid, go home, enjoy your real life. Until you find that one job that will blow your mind ñ__ñ
Be warned, the more you see FC, the more aware you'll be about random situations, don't get all caught up and fall into its downward spiral. Mayhem is indeed goodlooking but it always ends in self-destruction.
I wish I could cosplay something for Halloween but I'm to lazy to even iron my clothes, less alone to put together a suit XP
I started reading Inuyashiki, seems cools; I don't watch then anime yet. But the story sometimes doesn't convince me 100%, I'll keep reading it though.
Have a great week!
Yato1111 Oct 28, 12:12 PM
Hehehe , thanks..
I really loved that quote but damn, i am too lazy to even remake my profile..
Nah, anyone who has watched Death Note will get it though. Both Kira and L are unique characters. Even though they were on the opposite sides of the spectrum, they had so many similarities.
Oh, someone finally liked Ulquiorra. Whenever i say that i like him, everyone is like 'Why do you like that Emo Bitch when there are so many other great characters?'
MissMHC Oct 21, 5:04 AM
Ahh heh heh I see. Cheers for the link

Ah it's nothing- I'm mostly for the shows that'll still get my attention these days. I was different back then many years ago where I had the time to watch a lot of shows but now if the first episode isn't impressive, I drop the whole thing.
Oh you mean the last arc for Fairy Tail? Worry not, for I have not been too invested in FT anymore as much as back then. I stopped watching after it got old and after how Erza was being tortured in the Tartaros arc (manga wise). I thought Hiro went too far and this was me enduring through the fanservice moments so I decided to drop the whole show.
You're a SAO fan? Or are my eyes deceiving me with your picture of the two main couple of the show for some other anime couple?
NinaGoth Oct 18, 6:18 PM
What a wonderful song, thanks so much!
I hope you have an amazing week, dear one. :D
NinaGoth Oct 10, 7:50 AM
Sadly, I know nothing about Kazuo Ishiguro or those bands you mentioned, but I watched that Superfly and I honestly enjoyed it. I'm gonna listen to more tracks. Thanks so much for all your suggestions.

I'll try to keep up!
Best wishes xD my friend.
NinaGoth Oct 8, 8:15 PM
Hello! How are you?
Both quotes are from the film version of Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club. Are you familiar with that story? In that context, strange would represent the momentum of a perception shift. That stage of making the self. And since as beings we're always doing that, rebuilding, it's also a paradox ;) every time, is a strange time. I don't want to spoil, unless you've seen the movie. To put it simple, the more you let go, the more freedom you feel.

I haven't seen Stranger things yet, I received nothing but good comments about that show :D I was a fan of X-Files ^^ and don't worry, that stuff is delayed here too, AND our version of Sailor Moon arrived censored here, I found out about Haruka x Michiru, decades later, online. And obviously rewatched the whole anime.

I never enjoyed sports anime though, not sure why. I like other shounen types, more into dystopias, and even mechas but not sports xD Am I that lazy?

Never heard about this guy, but I'll look into him, his style sounds indeed unique. There's a Cornelius in Fight Club too so, go watch it xDDD

I do love a band called World Order :D they make dancing videos, making fun of the "world order", the go film themselves unannounced in different locations around the world, with the most powerful loving messages behind their songs. If only I knew japanese to understand the lyrics completely (translations always miss something). But I don't know that many japanese artists, so feel free to suggest some ^^

Have a nice week! xD

MissMHC Oct 8, 7:26 AM
Cheers tsubagakure and honestly I'm wondering how you found my MAL account heh ^^'
I know how it feels to be socially withdrawn too so don't be shy to talk to me.
I will take a look at your review now! Yes DN is phenomenal and the hype for how I loved it so much came back from my disappointment with all the talk of the Netflix version lol
NinaGoth Oct 2, 5:59 PM
I liked the story in general, with its cliches, I like how it's told and the world creation. It's a good story, yet I disagree with some ideas. I try to put the vegan stand for a while and see everything in its context, because most art nowadays comes from an speciesist perspective, even the most simple ones, and that I relate directly to violence itself. The average person can't understand veganism from a moral background, because they can't wake up and see the violence the inflict on each other. Cognitive dissonance. Their lines of thought don't match. The punishment on Riko, for example, it's been called tradition, culture, discipline. Sending kids that will parent themselves to do loot raids pictured as a coming of age stage, that will tough them up by hunting, killing, receiving more punishment and ultimately disregarding one's self for others, that most people will see as awesome role models and friendship.

Everyone here loves Rick and Morty, and I tried to watch it, and I could't pass episode two. I couldn't stand it. It was fun the first 15' but then I saw so much that I kept watching to see if it got better. Not for me at least.

Every story is always told by its creator point of view. I like stories in general. I don't make their perspectives my own.

I feel the same about music. Glad to hear suggestions from music lovers but I always have my favorite tracks to enjoy.

On the reading topic, I haven't read those, so I'll try to after I'm done with my current book.

Have a nice week! :D
NinaGoth Sep 30, 4:22 AM
Thanks! I'll add it to my list, sounds cool. I've been wanting to read a manwha called The Gamer on Webtoons.
Also I love the new meta of Stardew Valley and its mods, because it lets you develop a full blown vegan lifestyle, like that one Harvest Moon (Ushi No Tane) edition: The Tale of Two Towns.

I like that japanese retro funky tones, Junko Yagami, Bread & Butter, Tatsuro Yamashita and such. And the OST from 90's anime was the best. Greatest era of all. Not saying OST now are bad, just ... the Cowboy Bebop OST ... you can't compare :D "The real folk blues", dude, it gives you the chills xD

Gonna try to catch up with Abyss.

Good day!! :D
NinaGoth Sep 29, 8:25 PM
Glad to hear from you!I LOVE Wagakki :D Specially the shamisen solo live video ñ_ñ I was so weird to find this fusion music style, it fascinated me. I love multi cultural stuff and this was by far the very best mix of ancient and modern. Cool games, I'm more RPG-ish and some simulation, after all these years I still play Elder Scrolls Oblivion, imagine that xD
I feel something like that about Abyss, I enjoyed the story and the struggles but I've seen better one, in my humble and subjective opinion. But I'm crazy about the created World and the beings in it. It think that could open more possibilities and explode more insights for more than two characters.
Thanks for the NHK trailer by the way! I added to watch so long ago I almost forgot about it. And I strongly agree with the concept of programming though. Often enough we don't realize we've been brainwashed in order to act, think a feel in a particular way. If one avoids the "outer world" it's just because our guts tell us that world is just unhealthy. Experience the journey into the inner world and sink deep into it. "Know yourself and you'll know the world".
Hope you start and have an amazing weekend, hugs!!! :D my vegan earthling