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Detroit Metal City
Detroit Metal City
Nov 6, 3:20 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 8
Je T'aime
Je T'aime
Nov 5, 4:07 AM
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Sakasama no Patema
Sakasama no Patema
Nov 5, 2:45 AM
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Bikachou Shinshi Kaikoroku
Bikachou Shinshi Kaikoroku
Sep 26, 12:11 PM
Reading 5/16 · Scored -
Itaitashii Love
Itaitashii Love
Jul 20, 7:55 PM
Completed 23/23 · Scored 5
River's Edge
River's Edge
Jul 10, 12:47 AM
Completed 14/14 · Scored 7

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mwinner Nov 10, 5:20 PM
Hi, tragedioness! It's so good to catch up with you again.

I hope it comes back :(. Apparently, Terajima was a little burned out, and he was ill, so it was hard for him to continue. All respect to him, but I agree with Act 3 - hell, I'd love to see Sawamura all the way to the pros.

I reeeeaaally liked Beck's manga, and I'd always recommend it over the anime. I watched a few of the songs in the manga rehearsed in the anime and I didn't really take much of a liking to them. But it's up to you!
Catch33 Oct 27, 4:45 AM
Catch33 Oct 14, 3:30 PM
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Catch33 Oct 14, 2:30 PM
profile pic, about me section and sad song. Oniisama e... sadgirl vibes
Catch33 Oct 12, 12:18 PM
this profile makes me sad
ohohohohohoho Aug 2, 9:01 AM
thank you! i'm impressed that you remembered in that case XD that's very sweet. take your time, i'll talk to you later then :D
Mercury-Lamp Jul 13, 1:17 PM
It sounds very interesting and the more mature and heavier vibe you say comes later on definitely intrigues me. It sounds like it adheres to the traditional shoujo formula with it being more serious, which is something I really enjoy, as you could tell in your previous comment with my liking for josei. As for the artwork, I flipped through some of the chapters a few days ago and it was really cool, I've always liked the shoujo art style though this one was a little bit different. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, they will really come in handy for me in the future! :) And thanks for the picture on my bio, I loved it the second I saw it so I had to put it there. Hadn't noticed you recently finished River's Edge too, I'm glad you liked it, Kyoko Okazaki was really something else, wasn't she!
Mercury-Lamp Jul 12, 1:51 PM
This comment will come off as pretty random, but I've had some interest in Oboreru Knife for a bit and after stumbling on your profile and seeing that you're in the midst of reading it, how are you liking it? What's the atmosphere like? Coming-of-age is a genre I'm incompatible with most of the time, that's why I'm debating on whether to read this one or not, so I'd appreciate it if you could share your insights. Love the Jeanne profile picture, by the way!
ohohohohohoho Jul 12, 11:35 AM
That's basically how I got that impression of him, although he also has mentioned that his work is therapeutic for him or that he was writing about situations that he was afraid of (like committing murder or getting murdered) in punpun. maybe he is really fascinated by the subjects he is writing about, but he tells himself "I'm just doing this casually/randomly" or what have you because he is trying to distance himself from it; or he's exaggerating/stylizing certain things, because it's in fact something more traumatic and personal than he realizes or wants to admit. It's possible he could make something even better if he didn't force himself to be so defensively flippant, but nevertheless you do get the sense that he's not just choosing what to write about for absolutely no reason. It's less that I think that he's pretentious and more that I think he's being kind of a coward, although since we can all be that way, it's probably a bit harsh to say that. Being "provocative" might be easier for him than just being honest or straightforward about certain things.

I think you're right about that. Have things improved with your sister? If you don't mind saying.

Yeah, I think I am writing more as a means to give some structure or clarity to my feelings. Or it can also be cathartic. Everyone has things they wish they could say to others, whether a specific person or just to "the people out there," or to themselves perhaps. If you actually say those things out loud to the person you intend to, it may not go all that well.. but if you just write it out, it can feel quite good. It's like how you might want to text someone a long message when you're in an angry or passionate mood or what have you, and you write drafts of it over and over again but never send it. Even if you never send it, just writing those drafts can give some peace of mind somehow; and actually sending it could end up making things much worse. That's how I think of it, my daily writing is just a kind of extension of that.
kataneer Jul 12, 8:49 AM
Thanks. I already passed all the exams and now I'm slowly preparing for a magistracy (mostly doing nothing cause I have a lot of time before it starts).

> Do you rate shows by how much you like it (like emotional attachment and such)

Mostly this one. I can easily forgive some sins for an anime and give it a higher score if it resonates with me and my tastes.
All of my 9/10 scores (except 2-3 ones) are for the shows which are the most enjoyable for me, even if they are objectively lacking for quality.

I began to speed up some boring shows recently too. Mostly at 1.1-1.2x speed, or sometimes even 1.5x lol.
However, I usually prefer to give 2 or 3 chances to improve and just drop the show if it doesn't. It's better than torturing himself with boring stuff and "maybe it will get better" hopes.
u_zech Jul 5, 2:32 PM
Which interest stack are you talking about? I'm asking since I made two of them.
And thanks! I also see that you're a Shouwa fan. I happen to be a fan of it as well ^.^
ohohohohohoho Jul 1, 1:07 PM
im sure it will!

do you mean that, you think that the idea of someone just "making up" this story when it's not really relevant to them seems wrong? assuming that's what you mean.. it's always kind of bothered me about asano that (in my view) he has this attitude like "i don't really mean it. i'm just writing this to be provocative, or "i'm just experimenting and copying the artists i like" or what have you. yet i guess even if someone is just putting on a performance or lying, there can be something truthful in it for others, and others can relate to it. intentions can be tricky like that.

i had a relationship just like that with my brother when i was young. funnily i think my siblings and i were all affected by our parents' problems, and it messed up our relationships with each other; but now that we are older we all understand much better and have managed to overcome the distance between us all significantly. it's something that just happened over time, with no particular event signaling the change. now we all kind of just get how we got to be the way we are and what unintended trouble it's caused between us. in that sense i think we're fortunate since some families remain distant forever. i was just at a family get together last weekend and at some point a joke someone made turned into a casual convo about how nobody in my family (i have 4 siblings) is able to communicate feelings of affection or what have you with one another properly because our parents never spoke to us that way. and on that note, it's also quite true as you said that those new/different relationships are an opportunity to not just replicate the abuse and miscommunications, but also to show that kind of affection that may feel like it's missing or inexpressible.

I'll have a look at it! I'm glad to hear it. I'm kind of unorganized about it, just writing anywhere and whenever, not really dating entries or anything like that. Which is just how I am in general. Do you find that it's been good for you?
Sidow Jun 25, 10:14 AM
Hello there, fine and you?
Scarlet_chwan Jun 24, 8:49 AM
Thanks :)
ohohohohohoho Jun 23, 2:51 PM
i actually had that exact same problem with reading for a really long time, starting around the time i was in college. i think i was just pressuring myself too much. i always felt like i couldn't fully understand what i was reading, even though in reality, if i were tested on comprehension i could probably give a pretty good explanation. but while actually reading i would feel compelled to like look up words nonstop, and reread things again and again to make sure i wasn't mistaken. not only did i want to make sure i understood, but i wanted to make sure that it was really impressed into me, so that i wouldn't forget any details as i went along. it was kind of like i was just being paranoid or overanxious about "missing the point" somehow. and it was only with books, not with like.. blogs or whatever shit on the internet lol. of course the truth is whatever the point is, you're going to think of it in your own way, with your own incomplete knowledge. so maybe you are missing something, but you still probably "get it" as well as anyone else could. now i find that im much more relaxed while i read and i dont have that worry so much anymore. just remember to take your time and go at your own pace with things. especially if youre doing it for your own pleasure or curiosity.

oh maybe you're right about the acting. tbh most of the japanese films i like are also from the 20th century.

about girl on the shore.. i am not sure if i can give a good answer. firstly, because i read it a while ago, and while i don't have trouble remembering what's controversial about it, i haven't really thought about it much since i read it. secondly because i guess i probably liked it for a sort of personal reason. i can understand why someone would read it and have the gut reaction: "this is pretty gross, adults should not be interested in seeing this" or what have you. on the other hand, even though it is a bit excessive, it reminded me of my own first relationship. hopefully that isn't distressing to hear >_> again, i wouldn't say things were as extreme as they got in the story, but the terribly poor communication, constant misunderstanding, and mutual cruelty and testing of each other's limits, coupled with the kids' distorted sexuality (they probably were trying to do shit the boy heard about online or through porn or what have you) reminded me of high school. my partner at the time and i were both pretty neurotic and had strained relationships with our families, which definitely came out in how we related to each other. it's kind of like the movie "kids' which i think people decry for similar reasons. young people can have pretty fucked up relationships with each other, and they don't even realize what they're doing because they're idiots who have barely been alive. i thought it depicted that and the circumstances that can create such a relationship. though maybe the sex scenes and violence didn't need to be so explicit or provocative.