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Jul 6, 2009
When I first started to watch this show, there were a few titles that immediately popped to mind, School Rumble, KimiKiss, and Boys Be... I soon found that Hatsukoi Limited has more in common with Boys Be than the others, this is due to similar themes of young love, ensemble structure, soft almost idealized atmosphere, etc. However, what really differentiates Hatsukoi Limited from Boys Be and what really surprised me about Hatsukoi Limited was the level of comedy/fun in each episode.

Much of Hatsukoi Limited comedy was derived from its characters, timing, and a bit of slapstick. I didn't really feel dumber and ...
Jul 4, 2008
Paprika (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
I'm a big fan of Satoshi Kon's work, so when I heard that Paprika was showing at the Chicago Film festival nearly 2 years ago I had to go no matter what. So there I was with a fever, headache, and doing my best to hold back my coughing. After watching, I kind of wished I had stayed in bed. Perhaps it was due my illness but after a re-watching it I still share the same sentiments I had nearly 2 years ago.

Those familiar with Satoshi Kon's work should know he likes to blend reality and illusion. Paprika was no exception, ...
Jun 24, 2008
When Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu aired many fans questioned whether or not the then unknown animation studio Kyoto Animation (Kyoani) would be up to the task. It was pretty obvious that they were and after establishing themselves with the otakun community with Air: TV it was clear they were a force to be reckoned with. Full Metal Panic!: The Second Raid (FMP: TSR) the direct sequel of Full Metal Panic! (FMP) would be their next project and in the end became a worthy sequel. Perhaps FMP:TSR could even be considered to be superior to the first FMP.

FMP: TSR story/structure can be easily ...
Jun 19, 2008
Mixed Feelings
Gainax is easily one of the most well known anime studio, especially with titles like, Neon Genesis Evangelion, KareKano, and Wings of Honneamise. However, as of late many fans claim that the quality of Gainax has dropped down significantly and that their golden age is over, well that was until Gurren Lagann. Without a doubt Gurren Lagann took both Japanese and western fandom by storm. This coupled with the fact that there was very little hype before hand thus, making the extreme popularity even more impressive. For me what was more impressive was the fact that people that normally don’t like ...
Jun 18, 2008
I’m not really into mecha anime, so when I decided to watch Gundam SEED (GS) I was a bit reluctant. I was primarily expecting lots of action and very little on story and characters. However, considering the positive reviews I decided to give it a chance. Anyway, before I start I would like to say that I watched several universal century Gundams (0079, Zeta, and Char’s Counterattack) and even did reviews for them. So I may make several references and comparisons.

GS was considered to be an updated version of the original Mobile Suit Gundam (MSG) ...
Jun 18, 2008
Mai-Otome (Anime) add
Mai-Otome was the next series of the “My/Mai” franchise, with the first being My-Hime (which was an excellent anime IMO). However, Mai-Otome was almost completely different from My-Hime, with the exception of most of the secondary characters. Even with this in mind I had originally dropped Mai-Otome halfway through the 2nd episode when it was originally airing. Due to the incredible praise of many fans, well half of them, I decided to give it another try and do a marathon.

I had originally dropped the series because of Arika. While it can be argued that both Mai (My-Hime) and Arika ...
May 30, 2008
Mai-HiME (Anime) add
I had watched a trailer for My-Hime a few months before its original airing. From the trailer I had concluded that My-Hime would be a school life fanservicy anime with plenty of action. Well things didn’t work out as planed, the fanservice was extremely toned down and more focus on the action/drama. I suspect that was due to it airing on “TV-Tokyo,” a public channel. Thankfully it did as I fear My-Hime may have turned out to be just another fanservice anime instead of an excellent title, which I often refer to as a “battle royal done right.”

The beginning of My-Hime ...
Apr 27, 2008
In many ways this is a difficult review to write. This is because I’m clearly not the target audience, as Spirited Away is a film that is clearly targeted towards children. In the end, I simply decided to review the film as I normally do and leave a disclaimer about not being the target audience.

I first watched this film 5 years ago during my senior year in high school when a friend of mine was raving about it. Back then I found the film to be boring and feature a paper thin plot. Now 5 years later and a few hundred ...
Apr 20, 2008
Hikaru no Go (Anime) add
So how does one make a 75 episode anime about go, let alone a good anime? Simple, you don’t, instead you make an anime about people that play go. While Hikaru no Go can be classified as a sports anime it does not follow the typical sports anime structure. That structure is characterized by train, fight/play, train, fight/play, etc. One can call Prince of Tennis an anime about tennis and Hajime no Ippo an anime about boxing. However, it would be incorrect to call Hikaru no Go an anime about go. Before I start this review let me just ...
Apr 19, 2008
Edit: added more stuff and reworded some things

What drew me to Kaiji was the interesting premise, gambling. Considering the manga had over 30+ volumes, there had to be something to this. However, the question pops in my mind “how is one able to make an anime about gambling?” In the end, I found that a more important question is “how can one make a good anime about gambling?” and Kaiji isn’t a very good example.

Itoh Kaiji owes 3 million yen to the yakuza and is forced to go into a special cruise ship to gamble his way out of debt. The gamble is ...

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