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Sep 20, 2022
"My mother, sister... All of us are hardcore sluts. We're a family of sluts!"

Story: The women from Souma family are all hypersexual sluts. While her husband is away on business trips, Mitsuko brings men into her house and have all kinds of orgies together with her daughters. Half of the second episode is about the other daughter, Souko, a company manager who's teaching all of the sex-related ropes to the new employee, Naoko.

Art: Kei Mizuryu needs no introductions, he's a God in the art of drawing sluts and Queen Bee made an alright job in adapting his artstyle. There's the ocasional VERY WEIRD hand or ...
Sep 11, 2022
"From this moment on, my naughty virgin cow pussy is about to get messed up!"

Story: Senmu and Shachou are two fat bastards desperately trying to find a cute oblivious girl to work as their company's mascot and help with publicity. Already at the end of their ropes, they meet Nana-chan, a cute chubby waitress, who accepts the job offer in hopes of eventually becoming a celebrity and start living the good life. After trying on her cow outfit, she runs her mouth suggesting something a little bit sexier and end up being persuaded into shooting an adult video as an ad for the company, thinking ...
Sep 6, 2022
Mixed Feelings
"I'll remember the slutty witch who died while drowning in her carnal desires."

Story: Japan's largest abandoned city, Amidahara. The protagonist, Rikurou, is "saved" by the Steel Witch Annerose, by being killed and resurrected as her vampire servant. He meets Miki, a girl trying to find her missing brother and decides to accept her request on his own. And so it starts the quest to get Miki to Aishwarya Ray while dealing with Mayfeng's clan (Annerose's archrival), in hope to find the answers she seeks. After the second episode, the story gets rushed and thrown all around the place, so even though there's a little plot ...
May 22, 2022
"The source of our power, your semen, is stored in *deez* balls."

Story: Tomohiro, a random loser, gets suck into Euniphonia, a RPG world where his semen has the power to significantly boost the magical power of female heroes. After being summoned by the two beauties, Alice and Frey, he accepts the humble request to become their husband and spray them with his cum. They ultimately form a party with four more girls and while facing an issue in one of their heroic adventures, the girls have the brilliant idea of using clone magic to split Tomohiro into three (so he can bang the other girls ...
May 21, 2022
Futa-bu!! (Anime) add
"It's a sensation that can only be experienced by two futanaris."

Story: More futanari action, this time focusing on two new characters, Chie and Ellen. In the first episode they're taking a trip to the Manra Hot Springs, where they'll soon find out that things are not quite what it seems and uncover the dark secrets Chie is hiding under the covers of the spring's festival. The second episode revolves around Elen, an international exchange tech students that has a thing for hacking everyone's "FaceBukkakke" (yeah) accounts she happens to take an interest to. She falls in love with the girl's pictures and decides she will ...
Apr 21, 2022
Futa-bu! (Anime) add
"When you stir my pussy... my penis feels it too!"

Story: Akane, a regular girl, joins the school's futa club for some reason. Then they all fuck, that's it. This one is more focused on its comedy than story.

Art: Nothing really caught my eye about the art, but it is pretty solid. Animation is good enough. Kind of disappointed with the variety of positions and the angles, which were mostly very closed-up and almost always moving. Some anatomy and body parts look very wrong in some scenes, like Sumika's stomach inflation by the end of the second episode.

Sound: The voices are good, with almost all of ...
Apr 15, 2022
"But I'm the St. Breast."

Story: Four stories revolving around highschool students and their affairs. The first one is about an excited girl going to a karaoke with her friends and some guys, then embarrassingly meeting one of her club's colleagues. The second one is about a weird girl who has a thing for sweaty guys and their scent. Third one is about a guy who ends up sleeping until late at school and catching his tomboy captain having a skinny dip in the school's pool. Fourth and last, a Monster Hunter player gets help from two horny girls to help him mend his broken heart ...
Feb 17, 2022
"I, Maria, like always, shall... There, there. Shall do this for you."

Story: Best way to relax after a tiring day at work? Letting you loyal maid take care of your every need.

Art: Everything feels very clean, fresh and the artstyle is quite unique. CG is absolutely seamless and the very few weird frames are way too overweighted by the sheer amount of different outstanding angles to ever become the slightest bother.

Sound: MC is not voiced, and that's always a triple plus to me. Maria voice sounds great and fits her character very well. Sound effects are quite good, although mostly overshadowed by Maria's screams and ...
Jan 25, 2022
Mixed Feelings
"Yuuta... I'll come back to you once I'm satisfied... I promise. But for now... I'm sorry..."

Story: One year ago while being unable to see her boyfriend Yuuta, Natsuha gives in and "get physical" with Oda, a guy from her class who's rumoured to already have banged half the girls from school. As she gets more and more satisfaction from the guy she used to ignore while her boyfriend struggles to keep up with her pace, what was supposed to be a one-night stand will turn into a "fuck buddy" realationship behind Yuuta's back.

Art: The art is exceptional, animation is real smooth and the angles are ...
Jan 15, 2022
"Humans possess a high fertility rate. They exist to impregnate the elves."

Story: It's literally Kyonyuu Princess Saimin's plot with a different skin. Medieval fantasy setting, random girl gives a random poor guy an item able to mind-control, and asks him to bring down the royal family by fucking them all silly. This time taking place in the Kingdom of Agraliel, a monarch elven nation in which the protagonist is looked down upon for being a human.

Art: As expected from studio T-Rex, animation is retardly well-done. The art also looks gorgeous most of time, but unfortunately it's easy to see how they only focus on the ...

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