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Aug 24, 2017
Meh. I've just finished Owari yesterday, so I figure I might write something for this which is relatively fresh on my mind.

Honestly, the last two episodes weighed heavily on my score, because really, they were the only good ones.

It was certainly interesting to see the various pins which each episode adds to the overall fabric of the saga, but they aren't all that necessary, and the mysteries itself weren't interesting at all. The impression I get is that Nisio needed to tell the Koyomi Dead tale in some way to create a cliffhanger for the series finale in Owari, but had not enough material to read more
Aug 23, 2017

They did it.

Nisio and Shaft managed to give a proper ending to a series in which one misstep could bring forth its doom.

As I wasn't particularly a fan of Tsuki (in this case, just some aspects of it, as I enjoyed it overall) Koyomi and the first part of Owarimonogatari, I was genuinely mindful that this could end as a screw up, even if I had all my hopes up for it.

The recurring problem with the Monogatari series, in my view, comes precisely from its
strength. The obvious enemy of a good series that focuses on delivering its story by a lot of dialogue read more
Aug 22, 2017

I believe that the problem with writing a light novel series heavily based on witty dialogues is that, after twenty something books, you kinda run out of things to say.

As the anime series is almost a word by word adaptation of the novels, it reflects them by taking forever to just get to the point between endlessly idle chatter and the necessity of reminding the viewer what the story's about every 2 minutes or so like we have some kind of mental disability to grasp what the characters are saying the first ten times they said it, so they have to recap everything again! Even read more
Jul 14, 2017
FLCL (Anime) add (All reviews)
FLCL is one of those works that causes a real dichotomy: people either hate it or love it, rarely staying in between. I am glad to say I stand with the latter: this is truly a masterpiece, and the ones that calls it "overrated" or "pretentious" or just "bad" are apparently more angry with the hype and the "complex" reputation it received (when it is even not all that complex) and the said pretentiousness of people that like it. And of course, they just don't know what those words mean, they use it as a means to classify anything that they don't like rather than read more
Jul 13, 2017
Whenever I must give an example of absolute dreadfulness, SAO is always one of my favorite things to bash on. No redeeming qualities whatsoever, just straight on, utter garbage.

Lately I've been wondering if I should watch Eromanga Sensei in the search of a new epitome of trash to beat on since SAO is long dead meat, but maybe my sanity has just been chastised enough.

An afternoon of boredom can really make you go places. I am just glad my common sense whistled into my stunted brain and I could stop just before I could see Kirito turn into Edward Cullen.
Jul 12, 2017
FIRST AND FOREMOST, if you liked the setting of this anime even at the slighest (fantasy amidst a common firearm human war) I urge you to read Arrowsmith, by Kurt Busiek. It's a nice fast-paced done by the book (but done right) comic book that mixes Word War I with magic, dragons, viscerous salamanders and funny talking pagan ogres that deserves more attention.

Now, for Dragon Dentist.

I discovered this anime more than a year ago when someone compared it to FLCL. I've just watched FLCL, so I thought I would finally watch this one too.

As for the comparison, I don't have the slightest idea from read more
Jul 9, 2017
Much has already been said about Lain, so I will just add a personal thought of mine that I don't see it often being said.

As much as I like this anime, it is one of those which can be fairly labeled as pretentious. Different from most cases, I use this word here with its true meaning: not precisely as an indicative of bad quality, but rather that the story tries too hard to be something it isn't.

It is not a bad thing because, for the most part, Lain works. However, by the end I felt that its chopped into bits narrative was much more read more
Jul 9, 2017
TL;DR: the problem with Kizumonogatari is that it was never a good story to adapt in the first place, and the studio's efforts to turn it into an interesting tale proved fruitless.

TL;DR2: "oh god this is awful" rant

While the animation and art can be soberb, there not much they could do to deviate from the source work, and just like it the movie is a colossal bad joke. The fact that the writer included a superpowered school manga gag into the story almost looks like he knows Kizumonogatari reads just like a boring, jaded and over the top shounen series, with nothing new in it read more
Mar 9, 2017
This is really one of a kind. Even if at the same time it is an
amalgam of almost everything thats wrong in manga and anime today, it still managed to give me a fun time, so I will give it that. There's no significant character development whatsoever through all the course of the story (even the guy to girl development seemed a bit off and in times, artificial (very, very artificial)), but this time it didn't really matter much. I will talk about the wrong things I mentioned before, and focus my review on that.

First and foremost, this is an ecchi manga, so I read more
Dec 3, 2016
Asano is formed with the kanji combination 浅野, where 浅 alone can mean shallow or shameful, and 野, plains, rustic or civil life. Inio is formed out by hiragana, so I don't really know if this is his real name (I searched for it and came up with nothing), but this is as far as my japanese knowledge go (with the internet's help).

Interesting enough, 浅 in combination with からぬ assumes a new meaning, of deep (of emotions or connections). Personally, I think his name sums up playfully not only Nijigahara, but all of his work.

Well, most important: if you walk in this manga expecting to read more