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Koi wa Ameagari no You ni
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Sora yori mo Tooi Basho
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Chi no Wadachi
Chi no Wadachi
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Doctor_Pepper Oct 12, 2017 11:52 AM
Nishinoya, Kageyama, Kei and Shimizui -senpai <3
Sonal1988 Oct 12, 2017 11:16 AM
Doctor_Pepper Oct 9, 2017 2:23 AM
Thanks for the accept. Haikyuu is love <3
Sonal1988 Oct 5, 2017 11:44 PM
I knew I recognized the girl from your pic - from Omoide Emanon. Nice.
If you liked it, then give the move The Man From Earth a try. Similar concept.
RachelH Jun 24, 2017 4:15 AM
Awww thank you Rika!!! <3 The Haikyuu! boys in formal wear are just to die for! Especially Asahi, but I may be biased haha ;)
Remix Jun 15, 2017 3:45 PM
Haha awww... shocked, excited, and flustered Rikawa all at once <3 it's your new name though, so I hope you get used to it. Now I'm unsure if your tag should be that or keep it as protecting Kags smile (or maybe both)

Don't worry about replying late, it's just nice to hear from you, as always. Don't feel pressured to reply to all of my gibberish/nonsense. But I hope we can catch up soon! There's always discord as well

That Kags just melts my heart <3 and that new Oikawa avi as well
Remix May 27, 2017 12:35 PM
Rikaaaaaaa... Sorry to spam your profile, but I have a new name for you!

Remix May 24, 2017 11:43 AM
Also your Haruhi GIF made me realize how much I love the writing on the window scene

Remix May 24, 2017 11:38 AM
I've probably already broken several records tbh. I mean I change my discord one like every 3-4 days, haha. Not sure if it's a record to be proud of though :blobwhistle: Glad you like the new Kuroo one; never too much Kuroo (fan artists seem to think so too) I also really love floral based fanarts, and they look super amazing with haikyuu!!

I got 3 episodes left of Mushishi and that final 40 minute "movie" I'm sad already. Zoku Shou 2 has been really strong, might be my second favorite season of the 3, I still love the first season the most. My favorites this season were 'Fragrant Darkness" and "Lingering Crimson" (eps 2 and 3). The directing was just so beautiful from start to finish and damn they were both heartbreaking.

I think an HxH break is a good idea especially since you're about to tackle Chimera Ant. It is 40% of the show after all so you gotta be in the right mindset. I'm excited when you, meep and shabba get back to it and I'm looking forward to hearing all of your thoughts. Chimera Ant is definitely known for having some inconsistencies but it definitely contains the biggest moments in the show! It's my favorite shounen arc of all time personally.

> Hisoka

Awww tsundere Rika <3 :D. Haha everyone seems to be mixed about Gon, but he's definitely not the popular favorite of the show so that's nothing new. How can you say no to this though??

> RES Tag

Omg that is perfect <333 I even get the TM too, hell yeah. If I'm a captain, does this mean I can start my own volleyball club now? :blobthinkingsmirk: Now just I actually need to post more on reddit so my tag shows up more... something I've haven't been doing much recently

> Senjou

See, that's OK because all of her screentime is in 2 entries

> KageHina

I can't roll with them, they're just too cute. Cuteness overload x.x

eclectic_lit May 21, 2017 1:13 PM
Of course it was the first thing that caught your eye :blobamused:

Duuuude their dad. A friend and I actually theorized that he was the older brother initially. Honestly though, the fact that he's that old just makes him hotter :P And that bishie aide of his, too xD

IDK, we're doing Jojo now, so probably after that? Neither of us is really eager to start it, i began some new series with a couple of other people too so it should keep me occupied :D I hink Meep is watching 3-gatsu no lion atm.
eclectic_lit May 21, 2017 2:20 AM
I was thinking more of the fact that they look so happy together and also the stars :blobaww: but ok :P

I relate to Leo a lot somehow. Plus he's so cut when he blushes :sob:

Glad to hear about Saiki, for some reason two cours of a five-minute short seems scarily long to me :P
eclectic_lit May 18, 2017 5:11 AM
Rikaaaa :D

How did you like the latest Haine? Things are getting interesting! Also what's your order for liking them? Mine is Leo > Bruno > Kai=Licht I guess. Licht was definitely the biggest surprise there.

Also how's Saiki holding up?
Remix May 13, 2017 10:47 PM
I will try to keep these profile pictures, but no promises. I have a TERRIBLE rep for keeping the same avatar for a long time. I always want to change it when only a week has passed, it's terrible. A new Ginko pic already before I replied :o Mushishi is really great though and omg yes the OST is just too good. I've actually started Zoku Shou S2 and I honestly don't want it to end :( i'll probably rewatch s1 since I'll miss it. But for now taking my sweet SWEET time with the final season.

Hope you're still enjoying HxH though (holy cow you're so close to the 100s wth) is your favorite Hisoka or you not entirely sure yet? And yes Killua is a QT, there's a reason he's my #1. Well, there's more reasons than being a cutie, but it's a bonus. The best baka in anime <3 (baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

> I now know what to tag you as on RES!

I'm excited, but also scared D:

Awesome to hear about the Mushishi dub! Spice and Wolf I still need to see S2 :blobwhistle: I'm a fake fan repping Holo in my favorites and everything :( And Monster I just finished a few months ago! I loved it, was a bit slow at times and I wish it used more of the characters it introduced, but a pleasant watch nonetheless. It's definitely that kind of show that increases in value when you start to decipher everything.

Sorry to hear things aren't too pleasant, same with me to be honest. We'll get through this somehow and kick life in the ass.

Remix May 8, 2017 1:51 AM
I know I love my profile and banner. I'm not sure if I ever want to change it <3 Right back at you though; gotta love Ginko

Sorry for the late reply btw. Hope school and life in general is still treating you well. But dang I come back and you're already finished with Greed Island !!

That means...

> Kags

Hehe I've seen these pics so many times, but theres never too many times to look at Kags.

Ugh, protect him damnit.

Also yes I remember seeing those birthday present fanart posted before on r/haikyuu in a fanart thread. But thanks for sharing again because I forgot to save them :) part 2 makes me the happiest remix ever (I'm big on KageHina btw)

I may check out the Spice and Wolf dub if I ever rewatch. I also hear Mushishi has a great dub as well so if I ever rewatch S1 I may give it a shot. It's a shame the dub doesn't extent past s1. And you should totally make some 3x3s! I'm really bad and indecisive with top shows/characters/anything, I swear they can change like any day on my mood haha. Especially characters; not to mention I could prob take like 5+ favorites from a single show in my top.

eclectic_lit May 7, 2017 12:11 AM