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Jun 23, 2021
This is directly from my review I wrote for this show on anilist.

"We Have Accepted Mediocrity" - Digibro, 2018

Dear anime industry,

Can we, one day, stop releasing entire seasons of anime when we know that they are not ready to be released? Can the animators/directors/studios unionize, choose to do in-house animation, or just stop taking up jobs with hellish schedules? There's a limited amount of time that we have to live, and if we're going to be idiots who waste our 11% of our lives watching anime could we at the very least get some quality in return? I'm not asking for anime to look and read more
Mar 13, 2020
K-On! (Anime) add (All reviews)
During the mid-to-late ‘00s, the anime sphere was heavily defined by shows brimming with exhilarating action as seen in Code Geass or Afro Samurai and “in your face” characters such as Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann whose manliness would crank your testosterone up to 11. However, everything would soon take a sudden change when in 2009 K-On! made its debut. A show full of cuteness and moe that it created a rift in the anime fandom, as well as a Renaissance of the medium.

Following the explosive success of the cult classic Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya read more
Dec 1, 2019
"Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl" is the sequel to the 13-episode anime series "Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai" that took the internet and otaku world by storm in the forth quarter of 2018 with its flabbergasting title and premise. Adapted from the light novel series with the same name, at first glance it seemed as if it would be another adaptation of an unreasonably long and clickbait title, however it turned out to actually have a beating heart and an interesting direction to take its viewers to. The chemistry between Azusagawa Sakuta and Sakurajima Mai was reminiscing of read more
Jul 6, 2019
How much pain and suffering can a person endure before they give up? How long can they keep it all bottled up while still showing their warm and earnest side?

"Fruits Basket" is indeed a product of its time, beginning serialization in 1998 and ending in 2006, it's ripe with the anime tropes that defined the early 2000s. Tsunderes, loud characters, girls aggressively showing their love and all the good stuff is present here. Yet, behind these cliches lie persons that got this way because of their circumstances. Tohru may seem like a happy-go-lucky person who sees the world in the brightest nuance of pink, but read more
Apr 1, 2019
"People need other people" is the perfect sentence to describe Mob Psycho 100 Season 2.

Sequels often tend to not capture the same spirit their original work had (e.g. FLCL Progressive, Psycho-Pass 2), but when they do (e.g. Clannad: After Story, Code Geass R2), they create something so special and so magnificent that it's something short of genius. Mob Season 2 manages to take every detail that made Mob Season 1 good and cranks it up to 11 while still adding a bit of ???% of love.

Seasons 2 presents a Mob that's changing and learning how to control his emotions bit by bit as we read more
Mar 31, 2019
Shitcom (Anime) add (All reviews)
There are countless questions that people often ask themselves such as: why do we exist, where do we go after we die and most importantly why is "Shitcom" an anime and why did I want to watch this 1 minute and 8 seconds of pure and utter trash?

I'll refrain myself from making any puns and I will say just one thing: it at least manages to do what the title implies, no not the "com", which suggests that there would be comedy in this 68 minute short (Spoiler alert: there's nothing funny, unless you're 6 years old or you need help in identifying what's a read more