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Mar 5, 2024
Preliminary (1/2 eps)
First things first; I found this hentai looking for "Yamete kudasai" meme. I was somehow expecting what was going on, but this... this is just too much for me to bear.
The whole goddamn plot is about two lower-than-animal-human-looking entities(gonna call them entities from now on) who rape young innocent girls. Those entities + another doctor entity in episode 2 use girls as they are just goods or I don't know maybe some wholes or pigs. We don't live in 2000 years ago when a country conquered another, and raped all the females living in the city!
NUR builds rape; PoRo builds rape, but they are more ...
Sep 26, 2023
Cafe Junkie (Anime) add
I categorize this hentai as a good one. Why not? Girls are nice. Scenes are really good. No non-sense anal, sick stuff. And they simply in love with MMC, but I disliked the MMC. His feelings weren't pure for the girls. I mean when you look at him doing stuff, there is always a disgusting smile on his face, and that made me sick somehow. Sure, I've seen hentai which there are harems and MMC was having sex with multiple females, but the impression I got from those MMCs is different; it is like the MMCs love all of them equally, and cares about them. ...
Sep 9, 2023
You can find some unique stuff in all genres once in a while; we have this at our hands. Pretty old yes, but unique in its own way.
It has a really good, non-sense free plot. An elf and a human marry each other and they will have some difficulties.
Hentai-wise, I don't call this a hentai according to hentai I've watched. It is more like Ecchi. Not many sex scenes, and there is nothing fancy hardcore when there are sex scenes. I'd like it this way. I put it this way: watching it is more comedy and fun than arousing.
Graphics and animations are really good for ...
Sep 7, 2023
Preliminary (1/? eps)
And here it goes another good hentai which gonna pet your soul and mind!
Acceptable plot! Not going to spoil it though, cause it is kinda nice. No non-sense rape, stupid stuff (NUR sneezed somewhere)
Also there are zero non-sense scenes (for the 1st episode at least). No anal-sexes, rapes, group stuff and etc. Safe to watch.
Character designs are nice. Voice actors are good too. I think the plot makes this hentai unique (like some of other hentai I've watched so far).
Overall a hentai which I recommend. (I hope they won't ruin it with 2nd episode)
Check my anime list for more good hentai like this. Don't ruin ...
Aug 16, 2023
Let's see; Good girls wasted on appealing plot again.
Main Female character is a weirdo who wishes to be raped, loves anal sex and really dirty stuff. because she is juts too horny.
The plot goes out of its MOSTLY normal sex in episode 3 where anal sex and rapes begins.
Main issue here is anal sex, and how girls enjoyed it (How can one enjoy anal sex which is an action of causing pain for someone?)! I as a male don't enjoy anal sex, because how disgusting it is.
Then again if you insist on watching, you may watch it up to 2nd episode no further.
Jun 10, 2023
Preliminary (1/2 eps)
Imagine someone wakes up in the morning and comes up with idea of a group sex school hentai which there are literally no feelings between any of the characters. They just sex in groups with random girl classmates. It looked like to me girls have some kind of responsibility to satisfy boys. I mean what the? Are you serious? Boys are only using their random classmates.
It might not look like it, but this is one of the worst hentai in my life. The only good thing about is the art is acceptable. It sucks in every other aspect.
I can say it is worse than NUR ...
Feb 6, 2023
Preliminary (1/2 eps)
Let me put it this way:
Some people created some kind of power point hentai and you are going to watch it. It's all this hentai is about.
Story wise nothing special; your normal hentai story. (Maybe) beautiful body girl, a trigger and They've already started.
Art? Appealing. Art stops you from watching this.
Scenes? Power point. What is this? They even doesn't have good motions.
Non-sense... well... OK. It doesn't have that sort of non-senses like rapes and anal sex.
Do I recommend it? NO. Art sucks. Scenes suck. Go find sth more kawaii and nicer to watch.

For more recommendation take a look at my AnimeList. TNX
Feb 5, 2023
(Spoiler warning? sus?)
First of all it's a hentai which is built by NUR studio. They only make sick, rape stuff. All of their hentai is about father raping daughter, police raping a student, teacher raping his students and stuff like that. So don't have high expectations.
This hentai is a bit different (which is sus to me). The first two episodes are fine (mostly), and everybody is enjoying the relationships. The last two episodes are classic NUR, and they suck.
Not raping scenes are fine, there is no anal sex and females are fine.
So do I recommend it? Absolutely not. You may be able to bear the ...
Sep 25, 2022
Story: You have sex Harem story here + sibling sex and cheating as a bounce. Force sexing exists too. Let me see... Sister is not happy with his brother sleeping with other women. Bad story overall. Really bad.

Art: A complete failure. Same as Masterpiece The Animation. Women only have big boobs. Voices are not bad. Also skins are too shiny. Not a fan of this kind of art. It is unrealistic.

Scenes: Bad made. Big boobs are not enough. Animations are bad made, like lets finish it as soon as possible. Not good.

Non-sense: No anal sex. There are some force sexing available though, but the female ...
Sep 25, 2022
Oyasumi Sex (Anime) add
Story: It is about siblings. If you are not comfortable with it, you may don't want to watch it.

Art: Art is good. After 2nd episode it will be better. Overall I liked it. Good Character designs, details, voices, sounds. It is more than enough.

Scenes: About scenes. Until the first sex scenes are so so. After first sex scene at the end of 1st episode, scenes start to improve. And one point. It is about having sex while sleeping. I mean the sister pretends she is sleeping until some point in the story.

Non-sense: There are no anal sexes, sick stuff, force sexing which is really good, ...

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