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Sep 11, 2019
The first thing about Madowania Hoshi is that the description doesn't fully capture what the manga is about. It's not inaccurate, but it leaves a lot out, mainly that the manga is in many ways a physics and astronomy lesson with a plot built around it.

The anthropomorphized version of Earth is in trouble and the other planets assume human form to find a way to help. In the process, the moon gives continuous physics lessons, which can be interesting, but if it's not what you're looking for, it can easily get annoying. The main story, about finding out how to help Earth read more
Sep 9, 2019
Kunoichi Joshikousei Otonashi-san has a somewhat interesting (if not overdone) premise, but it doesn't really take that premise anywhere interesting. The characters are, at their best, flat, and at their worst, offensive caricatures. One of the characters is most noted for his tendency to refer to women in their 30s as trash. It's even more disappointing that the female character in her 30s that he refers to still has feelings for him despite his obvious sexism. Another character is an empty caricature for stereotyping Americans. I'm okay with my country being occasionally mocked (we do some silly things, after all), read more
Aug 22, 2019
I was interested in reading this manga, since most of the horror manga I encounter are either shounen or seinen. The protagonist Tenome (or "The Eye of the Hand") is an interesting character. She's a traveling performer who goes to different sake houses. Unlike some female horror protagonists, she's confident, intelligent, and can take care of herself, which makes for more enjoyable reading. She frequently winds up naked, which is a little annoying, but it doesn't impact her sense of agency, which is something at least. She starts the series as a teenager, but grows into a adult over the read more
Aug 22, 2019
I wasn't particularly impressed with the first two volumes of this manga. I don't particularly care for ecchi, and the chapters in these volumes all had scenes of Anzu either being naked, almost naked, or getting into some sort of sexually charged 'misunderstanding' with Ginnosuke. I don't really find much humor in ecchi, so those two volumes almost put me off the series. Things start to turn around in the third volume, which sees another character introduced, the existing characters get better developed, the ecchi content disappears, and Anzu's clothes stop emphasizing her chest. The story also begins to build in read more
Aug 20, 2019
I'm conflicted in my thoughts about Kuzumi-kun. I can appreciate that it takes a non-traditional approach to manga romance by making it much harder to decipher what the male lead is thinking or feeling. On the flip side, that approach can also be incredibly annoying. Kuzumi's lack of verbal communication (which lasts for the entire series) quickly grows tiresome. A minor spoiler: his reasons for not talking are never explained, so we never figure out if he is pathologically shy or if he is somewhere on the autistic spectrum and has trouble expressing himself verbally. If the manga had portrayed read more
Aug 20, 2019
This manga tells the story of an emotionally repressed girl who calls herself a doll and the spirit that she summoned (and can't get rid of). First, I should note that much of the humor is dark, especially the parts about Kohina's emotional state. The manga starts off humorous with cute moments of bonding between Kohina and Kokkuri. However, things rapidly go downhill with the addition of two other characters, a spirit dog and tanuki, both of whom are attracted to Kohina. Their antics quickly take precedent over the Kohina and Kokkuri interactions that made the manga interesting. I don't mind sexual humor read more
Aug 5, 2019
Sachiusu is a fairly simple manga, but it is amusing and cute. The humor parts of it aren't laugh out loud funny, but they have their moments. The main gags, that Mukai is unlucky yet cheerful and her classmate Misako is lucky but weird, comprise most of the panels and the humor. They don't really have much to them beyond those simple character traits and they don't really develop much, but for a single volume 4-koma, I don't really consider that to be a major problem. If the manga continued beyond a single volume, the simplicity of the characters and the read more
Aug 4, 2019
I started reading this manga because of the simple reason that I was in the mood to read a dorky story about about bears and high school students. I probably should have known from the scantily clad girls on the cover that I was getting myself into something else.

Yuri or shoujo ai stories can be compelling when they are done well and done respectfully, and when they have the proper development of a relationship and emotional investment between the characters. This story doesn't do that. It is yuri in a mostly fanservice sense, with lots of panty shots and girls hanging out read more
Aug 3, 2019
The isekai genre is plagued by overpowered protagonists and flat, generic protagonists. This particular manga switches up that formula by being plagued by a confusing story and characters whose motivations and intentions are often difficult to decipher.

The basic concept behind the story, that the protagonist reincarnates into another world as a wizard's cat isn't a bad one, but it quickly veers into a place where it becomes hard to understand what the characters are trying to do and why. Also (minor spoiler), the cats in the story are primarily cats in name only; they spend most of their time as people. This read more
Aug 2, 2019
Limbo is a manga that deals with being different and being lonely. The main character Fuu and the people she meets all have something different about them that makes different from the people around them, whether it be their ears, voice, size, or strength.

These differences cause problems, both because of active discrimination and because some of the characters are insecure about themselves. Stories tackling these kinds of topics can be difficult to pull off, especially in a 4-koma comedy where most of the chapters are only 8 pages. The degree to which it succeeds can be debated, but the result is a read more