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Dec 5, 2019
Exo suits? check.
Urobuchi? check.
Let's go.

Obsolete is your standard war story full of sarcasm and indifference.
What's different here however is the format. 6x12 minutes.
It doesn't leave you with much space to tell a grand story or express ideologies.
Anyone who's hoping for character depth or such will be let down.
The staff did everything in their power to make this a coherent piece of work but they were heavily restricted by the episode count and it shows.
Limestone? Aliens? It doesn't matter to us humans according to Mr. Urobuchi, and there's really no time to explain them anyway.
The core of this product seems to be "Give a man a read more
Nov 10, 2019
This is a recap, if you're looking for new material or scenes you will be sorely disappointed. There's less than 10 minutes of new footage in this 1hour 20 minutes long movie.
There's no story to be told here, they find a mysterious box that they use as a plot device to start the clipshow.
The new scenes aren't fun to look at, they include real photographs as backgrounds, still pictures, and some chibi art.
I hope you liked the mmd+character songs in the series because not only you have to sit through them again, there are new ones.
Overall, I was bored all the way through since I've read more