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Jan 18, 2020
i only saw one single episode, and let me tell you, i hate this so much, first of all i'll have you know that is NOT how swords work, those swords are based off of boxcutters which are supose to break at the end because they get blunt. this is unbelievable, the amount of detail that goes into this anime is honestly so astonishingly low, i don't believe this will be any good if they put giant boxcutters up to no good, i seriously cannot get this across my head and i will be leaving the worst score on this.

loved it tho 8/10
Sep 26, 2018
Tokyo Ghoul:re is a sequel to the infamous Tokyo Ghoul manga, as obvious as this sounds. This manga has been getting a lot of hate for it’s difficulty and difference from the first manga, since so many new characters get introduced as well with a completely new perspective on the world of Tokyo Ghoul. It’s true that remembering everyone that has been introduced in the first few volumes is quite confusing, but trust me, remembering every new character and knowing who they are and what they do just enhances the experience so much more than you’d ever think it would.

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