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Jul 1, 2022
Tenki no Ko (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
I was actually on board with this film for the first half. While it was lacking in many ways, there was still enough to keep my attention engaged. The second half, however, is a slow downward spiral before a major crash landing at the end.

Similar to previous Shinkai films, the scenery is stunning with incredible detail that should set the standard for the anime industry. There is also a moving soundtrack made by Radwimps who produced the soundtrack for Your Name. It is impossible not to be impressed by the level of detail put into the music and animation. This has always been Shinkai's ...
Jun 30, 2022
It is no surprise that the director of Cowboy Bebop is able to produce a brilliant bridge between the first and second Blade Runner films. In 15 minutes this short is able to portray all the necessary information to link the two films, while also serving as a great companion to the other shorts created to bridge the Blade Runner series. I am glad I watched this before watching Blade Runner 2049 and whenever anyone asks me about watching the film I always tell them to watch this short first.

It is a shame that when they decided to make Black Lotus they chose the CGI ...
Jun 30, 2022
Toradora! (Anime) add
It is baffling to me how popular Toradora was during the late 00s/early 10s while being this highly rated. This show is up there in popularity with the KyoAni shows at the time, and right now it is 18th on MAL. Whoever did the marketing for this show deserves a raise.

The premise and the main arc of the two protagonists is one which has happened many times in romance stories, so there isn't anything unpredictable there. However, the path this show takes to get there is frustratingly confusing. Initially it seems like a fairly upbeat comedy and that Taiga's aggressive behaviour is more "cartoon logic" ...
Jun 30, 2022
While this is going to be a mostly negative review, I have to disagree a little with the other negative reviews here. The premise for this film has enough to carry the film and the characters have enough depth to fill out the 1.5 hours. Josee is struggling with having confidence, control, and autonomy, while Tsuneo is pushing himself to reach dreams that would make most people burn out if they tried to do anything similar. Tsuneo is balancing his high workload with social life and keeping his dream alive, Josee is dealing with an overbearing grandmother who is against Josee having any autonomy or ...
Jan 29, 2019
Barakamon (Anime) add
The cliche of "city slicker goes to a rural town, struggles as a fish out of water, before finally maturing to deal with their inner troubles" has been done many times. In Barakamon we have a calligrapher who goes to a rural town in Japan to seek redemption and gain a new insight into his life and career. While the main plot goes the same way as you'd expect the cliche would, it is still a heartwarming gem that exceeds expectations.

The most interesting part of Barakamon is its cast. While many may focus on Naru, the loud and energetic child who is the main driver ...
Dec 19, 2018
Legend of the Galactic Heroes has developed a strong cult following over the years. Even on this site it is one of the highest rated shows and does not look like it will be losing its ranking anytime soon. While watching LotGH it was clear to see how this reputation grew, however it also left me somewhat puzzled how a lot of the negatives seem to be forgotten.

Perhaps what I found most interesting about LotGH is the style of storytelling it employs. The narrator is used heavily in between the action to make the show feel like a documentary. This is especially noticeable during the ...
Aug 29, 2018
Makoto Shinkai is a director that clearly loves the idea of "star-crossed lovers", "love at first sight" and the idea that once you fall in love, even as children, that you will be dedicated to that person forever even if circumstances change or the people in love change. In most of his previous films the characters fall in love instantly and we spend the rest of the film watching them pine over the other wishing that they could be together, even if decades have gone by without being in contact with each other. The clearest example of this is in 5cm Per Second where the ...
Mar 29, 2018
Aiura (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
It is hard to gauge a rating for such a short series. Aiura is a set of 12 episodes spanning 3 minutes each. It is set in high school and focuses on three female students as they become friends through a fairly regular set of events. The show is great for some quick, light-hearted fun/comedy and can scratch that itch when you're keen on watching some slice of life. However, there isn't much depth to the show, as one would expect having a 36 minute run time. Hence, it is unlikely that Aiura will leave a lasting impression on you. Nevertheless, this does not mean ...
Jan 15, 2018
Mixed Feelings
I’m making this clear from the start - I have not read the manga and I don't believe any of the characters in this film are damsels in distress or purely a stereotype.

The first 30 minutes of this film had me completely emotionally invested in these characters. It hit close to home seeing students bullied, similar to how people were bullied while I was growing up. This was particularly the case when watching a student like Nishimiya, who did nothing but be nice to others, get bullied just for being different. I have also seen a bully end up being the victim or an outcast, ...
Jul 17, 2016
Kekkai Sensen (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
For a show that had so much potential, Kekkai Sensen is fairly forgettable. Its conclusion is riddled with issues, made worse by the fact that it was delayed several weeks. However, that's not to say that the series isn't somewhat enjoyable.

The first seven episodes of Kekkai Sensen are standalone stories, introducing different aspects of the show's universe. I say "introducing" because nothing is properly developed. After watching these seven episodes I can't say that I know anything about how Hellsalem's Lot works, what Libra's place in the city is, nor the extent of the powers of each character. Nevertheless, these episodes are entertaining enough, with ...

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