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Aug 2, 2015
It's a Christmas miracle!

The stereotypical Christmas film involves plenty of coincidences, a corny, cheesy message and the extraordinary. Tokyo Godfathers has all of this in spades. The film even emphasises this at the beginning when Hana wishes for a Christmas miracle. However, unlike other Christmas films, this has Satoshi Kon's zany influence.

The premise for Tokyo Godfathers is a dark, yet interesting one; three homeless people finding an abandoned baby. In fact, most of the film deals with dark themes, such as the abuse of homeless people. But the film has an amazing ability to merge these dark themes with a lighthearted adventure. While convention read more
Jul 19, 2015
This review covers the Prologue, Season One and Season Two. My ratings are 6/10, 6/10 and 5/10 respectively. There are spoilers in this review.

The prologue/first few episodes of Unlimited Budget Works establishes the Fifth Holy Grail War; a battle royale between seven servants (made up of mythological figures such as Heracles) and mages where the last survivor is rewarded with being presented the Holy Grail which can grant them any wish they desire. During these episodes it is emphasized how dangerous this war is where even witnesses of the war will be murdered. Then in episode three the feeling of danger for our protagonists disappears read more
Jul 10, 2015
This review has spoilers, read at your own risk.

Like most people, I decided to watch Aldnoah.Zero since the Urobutcher was attached to it. After the exposition-filled first episode I made the decision that I would turn my brain off and just try to enjoy the action that followed, hoping that things would be entertaining but coherent. Sadly, this anime couldn't even manage that.

There are two protagonists in the series; Inaho and Slaine. Inaho is an unemotional character who never develops in any way except for perhaps the very last scene of this season, which leads nowhere. He is supposed to be intelligent, but the reality read more
Jun 30, 2015
Parasyte the Maxim is perhaps the most entertaining, yet disjointed show I have seen over the past year. The premise is simple; one day parasytes turn up in Japan (or across the globe, it's not known) taking over human bodies and using their human hosts to feast on other humans. Shinichi, our 17 year old protagonist, has his right arm taken over by a parasyte, Migi, and must learn to survive and co-exist with the parasyte while fighting other parasytes. This is a great premise, however the execution of the story that follows is flawed.

There are two things that are consistent in Parasyte; the young read more
Jun 1, 2015
Death Parade, based on the animated short "Death Billiards", is a show set in purgatory. Not the usual type of purgatory though. Instead this show is set in a bar called the QuinDecim, where the dead come in pairs to be judged by the bartender/arbiter, Decim, who decides whether they go to the void or are reincarnated. But there is a twist; the participants have no memories of their death and they are pushed into a game which will place them in extreme circumstances.

Initially this sets up a thriller with each episode as it becomes a guessing game as to which participant is lying, who read more
Mar 28, 2015
When I first saw the preview for the season, hearing that there was going to be an anime based on a smart phone game, I dismissed it as a cash grab, seeing as most games on smart phones are either scams or cash grabs. However, after the first episode there was a fair amount of hype for the show, so I decided to join the crowd and give it a watch. To my surprise, Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis was a pleasant experience. But there is one aspect of the show that holds it back; time.

The first episode does well to draw the audience in to read more
Mar 21, 2015
Being a KyoAni project, the first thought that came into my mind when I saw the cover art for Nichijou was that it is going to be a comedy/slice of life filled with cute girls doing cute things. Luckily, there's much more to this anime. Nichijou is a sketch comedy, with a sprinkle of slice of life, set in a junior high school. While the title in English is "My Ordinary Life", Nichijou is full of the extraordinary.

There are two main plot threads going on throughout Nichijou. The first follows the trio of Yuuko, Mio and Mai as they try to get through the read more
Mar 5, 2015
FLCL (Anime) add (All reviews)
At the turn of the millennium, Gainax came across some new toys for their studio. With these new toys they decided to experiment. The result of their experiments was a 6 OVA series known as FLCL, or Fooly Cooly. Being an experimental series, it is a very inaccessible series for the average viewer. This has led to many people disliking the series greatly. On the other hand, there are many fans of the show who will defend the series, citing the many references within the show as being intellectual and deep. Somewhere within all of this talk, there is an answer for what this series read more
Mar 4, 2015
In a world where Studio Ghibli dominates the discussions when it comes to films in anime, a film like Sword of the Stranger could pass by without anyone noticing. However, it appears that the film is not only quite popular, but is also well liked and has developed a cult following. So how did Sword of the Stranger gain this following?

The main focus of Sword of the Stranger is not plot or character development, but instead, action. The film is set in the Sengoku period; a period of instability in Japan. When watching the film, it does not take long before Sword of the Stranger read more
Dec 21, 2014
Death Note is perhaps one of the most popular anime ever created. It holds the top place right now on this website as the most popular show. For a large number of people, Death Note was the gateway series that led to them becoming a fan of anime. Generally, the only people who watch anime and have not seen Death Note yet are people who just haven't got around to watching it. So the question is, what makes this series so special, if can indeed be considered special at all?

The premise is perhaps the most attractive feature of the show; the power to kill without read more