Jan 29, 2019
myronator (All reviews)
The cliche of "city slicker goes to a rural town, struggles as a fish out of water, before finally maturing to deal with their inner troubles" has been done many times. In Barakamon we have a calligrapher who goes to a rural town in Japan to seek redemption and gain a new insight into his life and career. While the main plot goes the same way as you'd expect the cliche would, it is still a heartwarming gem that exceeds expectations.

The most interesting part of Barakamon is its cast. While many may focus on Naru, the loud and energetic child who is the main driver for getting Handa out of his shell, the rest of the cast play their part. They are all interesting in their own way without falling into the hyper-exaggerated character tropes usually seen in anime. Hence, Barakamon creates a town full of fun personalities that you wish you could be a part of.

Speaking of tropes, the other main trope Barakamon avoids is having each episode focus on a specific character's problem, where Handa gets involved and solves the problem which helps him learn more about himself. Instead this show follows regular life in a country town. The largest obstacles the characters face are things like fixing a bath boiler. There is minimal drama here until the climax where Handa needs to face his demons.

Barakamon is an anime with plenty of comedic moments, great characters and an entertaining, yet simple story. If you like a fun slice of life, watch this.