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Jun 19, 2012
I first picked up Honey and Clover one school break during my college days, during the days when all I can think about is friendship/love/pressure to succeed/family woes, and then I found an image of myself in the story. This is how Honey and Clover succeeds to become a heart-warming slice of life series, I think it gave me a glimmer of hope despite the fleeting nature of youth, HnC assures me that you can make wonderful memories even when youth is long gone.

The pace of HnC is slow, but relaxing. It is animation in poetry form, the details and soft colours paint a character's read more
Jun 4, 2012
A story to love, and to be inspired by! While many shoujo manga have fallen into the stricken pattern of observing love and its many nuances, Cat Street takes a grand leap and bring the readers on an emotional journey through the path of Aoyama Keito - a former child actress living in recluse after a traumatic encounter in the theatres. In her encounter, she meets three reliable friends who are also on their own search for their purpose in life and as they converge paths at El Liston - their youth starts a new page and they progress hand in hand into an unknown read more
May 29, 2012
This is an underrated shoujo in my own opinion! The artwork is nice, i.e. intricate floral designs on Yukata and subtle expressions of two very interesting characters. And there really isn't many Yakuza-themed shoujo manga out there which makes this one very refreshing.

What starts off as an arranged marriage to save the damsel in distress slowly and steadily develops into a story of trust and faith. The setting of the Yakuza themed environment sets in interesting obstacles for the characters to overcome. The main couple is also a refreshing combination. Kuze is the son of a powerful yakuza but he is trying to find read more
May 28, 2012
The label 'shoujo' may be a little misleading for this title, but the story certainly adds another interesting work to the shoujo category!
Prior to writing this preview, I sat there trying to come up with weaknesses of this manga but I couldn't really pin-point any. But if you're looking for the cliché cases of people going blindly for unrequited love in tears or love triangles that sets the heroine crying every five seconds, then be prepared to be disappointed.

That's not to say that the story does not come equipped with unrequited love and love triangles, but they are portrayed in realistic strokes. The heroine slowly read more