Jun 4, 2012
moonstars (All reviews)
A story to love, and to be inspired by! While many shoujo manga have fallen into the stricken pattern of observing love and its many nuances, Cat Street takes a grand leap and bring the readers on an emotional journey through the path of Aoyama Keito - a former child actress living in recluse after a traumatic encounter in the theatres. In her encounter, she meets three reliable friends who are also on their own search for their purpose in life and as they converge paths at El Liston - their youth starts a new page and they progress hand in hand into an unknown future.

Artwork, carefully planned by the panel and always creative to bring forward the deepest emotions of the complicated and kind main characters is a delight to read. While some have commented that the artwork in this manga is not one of the best, I feel that assumption is a little too harsh. What the mangaka (author) really tries to do, is to capture the tiniest details of the characters expression and emotive gestures that allow you to feel for them. You can even pick up the differences when you watch each character mature, and eventually 'graduate' from school - especially Kouichi Mine :)

Story is the mastermind at work here - with an inventive plot that takes the readers far away from normal high school scenarios plagued by jealous witches and complicated childhood friends, the story flows naturally and captures the true essence of 'chasing one's dream down the rainbow (ribbon, for Momiji's case) path. Laced with an array of interesting characters from all walks of life, the readers are given a balanced story that gives them space to relate to each characters circumstances. And it also withholds its share of plot twist and surprises for the readers though I do not plan to give it all away here so let's move on to -

Characters are interesting and well-developed - even an introverted character like Kouichi will tug on your heartstrings when you take a peek into his emotions. Moments like this marks the true brilliance of Cat Street - which brings me back to the point of how Kamio Yoko uses delicate strokes to bring each character to life - not with extravagant artwork or outrageous story lines but small characteristic that makes each character human.

To be truthful, I'm slightly ashamed at myself for putting this manga on hold for so many times. It's a brilliant masterpiece and my one regret on it is that I should have discovered this gem's hidden beauty much sooner! ^^