May 28, 2012
moonstars (All reviews)
The label 'shoujo' may be a little misleading for this title, but the story certainly adds another interesting work to the shoujo category!
Prior to writing this preview, I sat there trying to come up with weaknesses of this manga but I couldn't really pin-point any. But if you're looking for the cliché cases of people going blindly for unrequited love in tears or love triangles that sets the heroine crying every five seconds, then be prepared to be disappointed.

That's not to say that the story does not come equipped with unrequited love and love triangles, but they are portrayed in realistic strokes. The heroine slowly finds herself between two individuals so different from one another but complements her in varied ways. You will learn through her interactions, her inner thoughts and her quiet musings on the chemistry she shares with the two individual. I love how this departs from the usual 'cry-baby' shoujo heroine, that breaks into tears just because she cannot decide how her heart leans towards the people involved in the love triangle. And the (presumably) hero has a secret, thus making the love unrequited but the reason for that is neither ridiculous or far-fetched but adds on to the persona of the quiet, introverted hero. In this wonderfully balanced shoujo, the characters drive the story and yet the progress of the story grows each character into beautiful personalities that you admire.

Therefore, I sincerely recommend this!