May 29, 2012
moonstars (All reviews)
This is an underrated shoujo in my own opinion! The artwork is nice, i.e. intricate floral designs on Yukata and subtle expressions of two very interesting characters. And there really isn't many Yakuza-themed shoujo manga out there which makes this one very refreshing.

What starts off as an arranged marriage to save the damsel in distress slowly and steadily develops into a story of trust and faith. The setting of the Yakuza themed environment sets in interesting obstacles for the characters to overcome. The main couple is also a refreshing combination. Kuze is the son of a powerful yakuza but he is trying to find his own footing in the dangerous world of gangsterism. But there are far more tender moments in this manga despite the harsh environment they are set in, the male lead is also extremely likeable despite his eccentricities and dual personality. The heroine is also strong and independent, a little cold and extremely defensive, which makes her a natural apt candidate for a Yakuza's wife. Yet, like Kuze, she displays a dualism and is often swayed between admitting to her own feelings and putting up a defensive cover over her heart.

With good artwork, refreshing characters and a rare theme, be prepared for moments of doki-doki (heart-thumps) and earnest humour that will set a smile on your face. Many times, I'm moved by Kuze's thoughtful actions and inspired by Yamada's feisty nature (lol yakuza-women ftw) making this manga one enjoyable read. Can't wait for the remaining five chapters to be translated and released!