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May 8, 2016
Gantz (Manga) add (All reviews)
This has to be one of the worst storys I've ever read period.

An intresting premise with death and a game to "come back to life". Seems cool right? Think again. This story goes all over the place (like this review will)

First off we get the mc. He's am angsty horny douchebag. People think his charachter is "so realistic" well if I knew anyone like that is tell them to fuck off. A hot girl gives him sex for no reason at all. He litteraly just met her and asked to have sex and next thing you know she loves him. Lol

This story has read more
Jan 11, 2016
Ever wondered what it'd be like to share a body? Ever wonder about "aliens" or if humans will be the cause of their own destruction? If so This may be the anime for you.

Parasyte starts off with a young boy of the name shinichi. When he meets with a parasyte by fate his life drastically changes (probably for the worst). This show really tackles how humans think and how we would react to not bieng at the top of the food chain. We will do anything to survive een if it meant killing other life forms.

Parasyte is an old manga and actually had read more
Nov 29, 2015
After the fateful battle (massacre) between arima and kaneki Tokyo ghoul re: opens with brand new charachters and a new protagonist, sasaki haise. We now follow the ccg and see the war with ghouls from their point of view.

Story: Three years have passed since the fight with owl/agouti which cost both sides Manpower with both getting new tools to use. The ccg now tries to use part ghouls to their advantage in the war against ghouls.

Chargachters: Many people think re: hasn't lived up to its predecessor and a big part of that comes from the new cast. but I think it does rival Tokyo read more
Nov 4, 2015
Yu yu hakusho: ghost files

Story: we start off with a young delinquent boy who dies protecting a child and in turn gets another chance at life. Only if he becomes a detective for the spirit world. At first glance yyh dosent have a distinct story but its more so a tale of humans and demons. Why do demons kill humans? How evil are himans? Whose really the bad guy?

Art and sound: there isn't anything too special about the art but it has that distinct 90s look and feel to it. The characters designs are all great for the most part. The sound is one read more
Nov 3, 2015
Happiness. Vampires.

Let's start with the plot. This story and MC are not very original at all. Young timid boy in a town where there are monsters (vampires) come out at night and kill people. The boy meets a girl who's not really interested in anyone but him and boom. Turns out she's a vampire
But with that said its still entertaining and keeps you on edge
(9chaps in the plots score may change with time)

Art: the art for this manga is about average, maybe slightly above nothing you haven't seen. Has a realistic touch to it.

Character: MC is the typical shy,timid,frail guy. Hasn't been read more
Aug 14, 2015
This anime was a breath of fresh air. In anime there's so many things you can do with a story and characters buy sometimes it's good to see a realistic setting (other than Japan) with (semi) realistic action and adventure. The dub really gave a feel to this anime the sub didn't.

Michiko and hatchin starts off with them on a quest to find hatchins father Hiroshi, sound familiar? It's more so about the ride and how the characters develop than an actual plot. Most episodes can standalone and still make sense of the story. Maybe 2 episodes kind of felt dragged but they were need read more
Jan 24, 2015
The story of friendship,honor,glory and teamwork.

This series is a great anime that doesn't take itself too seriously but can still trigger emotions when it needs to. There's everything from comedy to adventure to randomness everything an anime needs hamtaro has, except plot.

It has more of an episodic theme with "filler" like episodes instead of a main plot but that doesn't harm the shows quality in any way.

The soundtrack this show gives is a straight 10/10 . I have yet to find a song I didn't like especially the ending which is a great uplifting song filled with positivity.

This may be my nostalgia talking read more