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Sep 24, 2018
A late (and slightly spoiler-free) review for "New Game!!":

"New Game!!" takes the workplace life and drama on a whole new level than with its predecessor, "New Game!". This anime in particular delves deep into friendships, hardships, relationships, and "ships", but with also a slight spice of the fanservice that fans quite asked for after the first season's hype.

In this new season the characters were portrayed in a much balanced manner than with the first season which almost totally deals with Suzukaze Aoba, the main heroine, and her difficulties and developments at work. Now we get to see more of the other characters' sides which mainly read more
Mar 4, 2018
I have no words to properly explain and how to say this... comprehend? Yes, that's it exactly, "comprehend" one of the most awesome and artistically splendid animated movies I have ever seen.

I haven't wrote a review in a long time, but once the end credits started rolling and the ending song began, my hands started to move on their on, burning these passionate emotions onto my keyboard that's bereft of its color.

No Game No Life Zero shows what happened during the Eternal War of the Gods and how Imanity came to be. Also, how Tet became the One True God.

All that I can say is read more
May 10, 2017
A young woman and a young man both on a journey of self-realization, and the latter half on his way to repentance and redemption.

"Koe No Katachi" is yet another masterpiece from the popular and ever-sensational studio, Kyoto Animation, and from its brilliant and rapidly growing author of its one-shot manga, Ooima Yoshitoki.

Koe No Katachi tells us a story of a young Ishida Shoya who was once a bully to a deaf young girl named Nishimiya Shouko and was doomed to being alone for the rest of his life until one day he decided that his life was more than just that and what he (and read more
Apr 7, 2017
Bless KyoAni for this cute masterpiece~!

Put bluntly, Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon did not exactly have a great story (although the story was linear and quite easy to follow) considering the fact that it's a slice-of-life anime. Nonetheless, the show truly deserves all the praise that it can get and more.

The art and animation (as expected of Kyoto Animation) is truly eye candy. The sounds and music (especially the opening) really stick to you and that's a good sign; it simply means that the songs are catchy and it livens up the atmosphere. Basically, upon hearing the opening, you'd instantly know that what's coming up read more
Feb 23, 2017
Alright, I'll keep this review clean and as spoiler-free as much as possible since I haven't really written any new reviews for the past two months.

To begin, I must say that Ordinal Scale actually went above my expectations. It simply went off with a large bang and it really kept me at my wits end.

Since we're talking about Kawahara Reki-sensei here, expect awesome twists that really connects along all the dots. The story focuses on Asuna and Kirito's current relationship and it tests that connection to their limits. If you think about it, it's somehow generic, but the story build-up is spectacular and it really read more
Dec 31, 2016
To begin, I'm not exactly into BL and stuff like that. I am completely a straight male.

This is my first review ever since joining last October.


Basically, I honestly think that the art, sound, and story is superb. It has all those good elements to it. Once you've watched enough anime (romance and shoujo in particular) in your lifetime you'll get this certain irresistible feel about this certain series that it absolutely has that "romantic excitement" to it that makes you feel tingly all over.

The characters are ABSOLUTELY LOVABLE. Although it may seem like it has the cliche elements of an otome, the characters are still read more
Dec 25, 2016
Society is the reality that every single person must inevitably face especially at the time after they finish attending a school or a university. The life of an adult is begrudgingly harsh and vexing, although it is utmost fulfilling (saying as someone who already has job experience).

New Game! is a fun and colorful series that delves deep in a pragmatic world that revolves around the bright and cheerful Suzukaze Aoba. It is basically a Slice-Of-Life show with a certain game development studio as its cornerstone. As a whole, New Game! is a totally enjoyable series that boasts a realistic view of one side of society read more
Dec 22, 2016
The sun sets and rises upon a valley of lush greenery; a lake exalting the already resplendent scenery of an ocean of stars. Set in a rural locale, a train's ride away from Tokyo, the view itself leaves you serene.

"Kimi No Na Wa" is the pinnacle of a masterpiece. The delivery of the show is so masterful, it holds you awe-inspired. The story is brilliantly, elegantly, and painstakingly crafted, although quite simple and linear in composition, it is a tale that is both welcoming and heartwarming.

The movie's art and animation are simply outstanding. As someone who loves both conventional or traditional works of art and read more
Dec 19, 2016
To start off, let me tell you that this series is one of those very generic shows with A LOT of cliches. So if you ever plan on watching this series, be sure to be prepared to be able to tolerate cliche moments that just aren't surprising and comes out as bland (5 out of a scale of 10).

Mayo Chiki! focuses on a high school-aged boy that has this certain condition with women. It's like he has the girl version of being lactose intolerant (I'm not directly gonna tell it because that would be a mild spoiler).


Firstly, if I had to say something about the read more
Dec 16, 2016

I know that this series is a few years old already and most people in this community must have watched it by now, but the heck with it? I'm writing a review to tell you people who've yet to watch Code Geass and Code Geass R2 their awesomeness.


The series is the epitome of unpredictability. It's so well forged that the story goes on smoothly will little inconsistencies. Although it gets confusing at some points, it quickly gets you back in track with abrupt developments and turns. The happenings all throughout the series are utterly mind-blowing; hearts are read more