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Sep 2, 2013
I loved the idea of Japanese girls forming their own school baseball team in 1925, and I wasn't disappointed. Though the show is sadly short (and it could've done much more with a longer run), the 12 episode series was still very enjoyable by itself. The feminist vibe ran through the whole course of the show; it's true they were not met by obstacles they couldn't eventually overcome, but it wasn't completely unrealistic. The girls still struggled to be taken seriously.

There are few intense baseball moments as it is mainly a slice-of-life type of show with very tiny hints of romance (with or ...
Aug 29, 2013
Mixed Feelings
First off, I'm surprised how few manga revolve around figure skating- or at least few are commonly known. I picked this up for the sole reason that I really wanted to read a manga about this sport; I wasn't disappointed because my expectations weren't extremely high. A two volume series is not going to leave much in the span of character development and plot development. It was okay- though nothing it was extraordinary, it's worth a read for those interesting in figure skating.

The premise of a young girl starting figure skating as a teenager is appeals to me- I like a main character discovering they ...
Apr 4, 2010
Aoi Hana (Anime) add
I enjoyed this series. Some may not like it as it is slow paced; there’s nothing over the top or exaggerated about it. It’s simply about the lives of different girls as they develop in maturity and discover what infatuation, first love, and being in love is.

The story is bittersweet, dealing with the comforts of friendship and the pain of unrequited love. There is not an excessive amount of drama or romance in the plotline. There are aspects of those genres, but to a subtle extent and it is romantic and dramatic without being overtly so.

There is no heavy story here. Rather, Aoihana is a ...
Dec 21, 2009
Preliminary (5/10 chp)
I found this manga somewhat by random, and wasn't disappointed, but certainly was not blown away. What caught on to me that made me want to read it (besides the fact that it's a reverse harem) was the very appealing and eye catching art. The visuals are great, with clean, smooth lines and well drawn characters.

The characters are all stereotypes in one form or another, not that this is necessarily a bad thing; whether this was done on purpose or not, it seems to apply true for the guys in the series: the "ladies' man", the "smart guy with glasses", the "easygoing jock guy", ...
Jul 23, 2009
Mixed Feelings
Well, this would’ve have been a lot more interesting if maybe it wasn’t a oneshot. It felt incredibly rushed and was rather irritating.

So the story had potential… but ended up being just annoying. Since it was only one chapter, it seems as if the girl falls for the guy way too quickly and felt very unrealistic and false the whole time I was reading. And it wasn’t even cute! You can’t really get to know the characters enough to like them. There is basically no emotional development at all. You don’t want to relate to any of the characters, and you can’t really care ...
Jul 23, 2009
Well then. I'm a little unsure how to review this one. Because while I enjoyed it for its stupidity (therefore equaling in hilarity), I also cringed and the very thing I enjoyed about it. Really, you either watch it because you can, watch it because you actually enjoy this series, or watch it because you are a hormone filled male and are in the need of some pointless fanservice. If the title hadn’t tipped you off already, then that is what this OVA is. It’s pretty darn hardcore.

The main point of it is to have everyone take a trip to this exotic beach and all ...
Dec 31, 2008
Cherry Juice (Manga) add
And I never wrote a review on this... why? I have no idea! What's wrong with me? I love Haruka Fukushima!

Anyways. I own all four of these volumes and love them to bits! For starters, Cherry Juice’ story isn’t exactly original (coughMarmaladeBoycough) nor is it generally crowd pleasing. But if you’re in search of a sweet shoujo romantic comedy with touches of drama, then this will sure to satisfy you.

The story begins with Minami and Otome, two adolescents that have happened to begin living with eachother under their parents circumstances. Five years ago, they were made step siblings. However, after Otome and Amane (who just ...
Dec 20, 2008
Mixed Feelings
Well... honestly, I don't know why I enjoyed watching Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka like I did, but here I am. I didn't take it seriously, though, for it was impossible to take it seriously. While I was watching it I was really just making fun of it most of the time. Why, you might ask? Well… it was just so darn stupid. Clichéd. Annoying. You get the picture.

The story centers around a seemingly normal guy named Junichi, who rescues a tempered girl named Yuuhi (what is up with that girl’s hair?) from some guys who were trying to pick her up (oh wow, an example ...
Aug 28, 2008
School Days (Anime) add
This was probably the most aggravating anime I’ve ever seen; yet I finished it in a few days time because it makes you want to see the end. Frankly there’s not much point in me writing this review, School Days has been reviewed 45 times already. Seriously, it must be one of the most reviewed anime on MAL. But the more reviews it gets… the more people take notice and watch it. However, if you also notice that while it has almost 10,000 members, it has only a little over 200 favorites. If you watch this series you’ll see why… it’s addicting, but most people ...
Aug 23, 2008

As a fan of the game Animal Crossing (both Gamecube and DS versions) I was pleasantly surprised to discover an anime adaptation had been made. If you haven’t played the game, Animal Crossing is basically just living your life in a new town, but while you’re a human, the other villagers are all other animals. It’s a nice RPG slice-of-life, and it’s very fun living your life in your town. This experience is different, obviously, considering you’re watching the character living her life in a new town instead of being the character himself/herself.

The main character’s name is Ai, a magnanimous yet somewhat undecided girl ...

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