Jul 23, 2009
maybelletea (All reviews)
Well then. I'm a little unsure how to review this one. Because while I enjoyed it for its stupidity (therefore equaling in hilarity), I also cringed and the very thing I enjoyed about it. Really, you either watch it because you can, watch it because you actually enjoy this series, or watch it because you are a hormone filled male and are in the need of some pointless fanservice. If the title hadn’t tipped you off already, then that is what this OVA is. It’s pretty darn hardcore.

The main point of it is to have everyone take a trip to this exotic beach and all the girls included in Junichi’s harem (even the ones you barely see, like glasses girl and the what’s her face red head) all of a sudden “become more daring” because of this suspicious sunscreen they put on themselves and they become super horny and try to unzip Junichi’s pants with their teeth and whatnot. Sound enticing?

The thing I found pretty amazing is when they started going into these short little profiles of every girl who tries to jump on Junichi as he is frantically trying not to get excited. They go into their “measurements” and show them in suggestive positions and have them doing random things like splashing ocean water.

Sound is the same, basically…Same opening, different ending as usual. Not all that interesting. The animation is no better or worse really than the series.

If you were in hopes of a continuation after a few months from the end of the series (which frankly wasn’t all that good anyway, so who cares?), I’m afraid this may be a bit of a letdown. However, if you’re looking for something to distract you from the fact you’re not getting any, than go ahead and watch this. Just kidding. Or just watch this for the amusement.