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Apr 4, 2018
mehhhhhhhhhh, pretty basic story pretty much.
The animation is like playing a hentai flash game off of
Still a pretty decent fap tho -

I liked the size of the boobs in this hentai and the thiccness is justified, therefore I give it an average score of about a 7 where its not like stink on shit but its also not super terrible either.

The characters are alright as well, nothing special really. Same ole' lewd bois.

I enjoyed it though and it was updated recently on hentaihaven so I would go check it out if you happen to have you pener out and you're read more
Jan 16, 2018
Helllooo, Lewdqueen here.

This was actually my first hentai manga, ever. :o

So, this manga consisted of multiple short stories, all were enjoyable. I won't go through each one because thats a lot.

The first story was my favorite, although the other ones were good as well. All were fairly unique, in their own lewd way. :)

The art, omg, the artttt. Yes, I loved it, so lewd, so kinky. It leaves a lot up to your imagination because its very in depth and detailed. I loved it. It was slightly censored, but it was still very enjoyable.

The characters didn't have much to their personalities though all read more
Jan 16, 2018
Hellooo, Lewdqueen here.

So, this is an older hentai (well not super old, but not brand new either).

I actually remember with this hentai in particular, I watched it a while ago, and I had really liked it so I was sad when I didn't remember the title. :-(

Alas, I have found it! Feelsgoodman.

Okay, anyways review timee.

So the story of this anime is actually really good, I really liked it because you can focus on the relationship develop between both MCs. Most hentais are dont really focus on a genuine connection between characters, but this one did and thats what I liked about it. read more
Jan 4, 2018
A-size classmate, obviously from the title its a loli, and personally I don't really like lolis simply because it just doesnt get me at all, but I will review this in the most open minded way I possibly can.

So, the storyline, plain and simple, 2 classmates rape their loli friend. That's some feelsbad right there, but nothing complex. I actually really did like the art style because it was fairly detailed and the sound quality was actually really good. Now the animation in my opinion was a bit slower than what I prefer, but none the less it was good.

So the story line read more
Jan 3, 2018
Oh wow, this doesn't have many reviews, I guess because it is a fairly newer hentai though.

Okay so, this only had about 2 episodes, and it was actually fairly enjoyable and lighthearted.

This is a good hentai if you want something that is more of a simple story line. The summary of it is basically a chubby guy who is a virgin and is receiving sexual favors through his classmate. No gross ugly men, just 2 MC's being super lewd.

If you're a fan of tan girls then this is a very good hentai. I loved the smoothness of the animation and the detail read more
Jan 3, 2018
Hellooo, Lewdqueen here.

So, this hentai is something where you have to seperate the lewdness and storyline. Let me start with the lewdness.

Alright, so the lewdness in the hentai is imo, above average. This hentai is a particular favorite of mine due to the simple fact that the animation is very smooth. I love animations where the characters look rather "silky" I guess as you call it. The character design for the main female is very good, the other characters look well, about average. When a female can totally lose her sanity and become absolutely filthy, you feel like you can get more into it. read more