Jan 3, 2018
lewdqueen_ (All reviews)
Hellooo, Lewdqueen here.

So, this hentai is something where you have to seperate the lewdness and storyline. Let me start with the lewdness.

Alright, so the lewdness in the hentai is imo, above average. This hentai is a particular favorite of mine due to the simple fact that the animation is very smooth. I love animations where the characters look rather "silky" I guess as you call it. The character design for the main female is very good, the other characters look well, about average. When a female can totally lose her sanity and become absolutely filthy, you feel like you can get more into it. So for a masturbation factor, this hentai should be a very good fap. The character development from normal to filthy, the animation, sound and overall it is good for just satisfying your needs, and I'll admit it, I enjoyed it a lot. Overall, I'd rate this about an 8.3ish.

Now, onto the actual story line and character development. The story line was rather interesting because it went into the concept of "Is this a dream?" Growing up I can recall that they'd prefer us not to use that type of storyline because it makes you question what is real vs what is not real. Well, this hentai did exactly that. It makes you second guess all of the characters in the show and when you thought you really had a good intuition about a characters personality, it was most likely the complete opposite. I won't spoil too much, but if you want something that is a bit different than the average hentai, this one is a good one to watch.

As for character development, as I said earlier, the characters went from normal to insanely lewd. Which imo, is fantastic because you see the real side of people that many are scared to venture off too. I do think however, the storyline was a bit sad imo, because *spoiler* you feel the MC's ego just fade away because he's watching the girl he loved and his sister be defiled and treated like objects and he cannot do a thing because at the same time, these females love it. This show is a show that eliminates morals on every aspect.

So, if you want a hentai that is very well animated, dark morally, and is very lewd, I would suggest this one. If you want something that will satisfy you with a good storyline and a happy ending, do not watch it because this is a hentai that is not all sunshine and rainbows.

Overall, I'd give it about a 7 or 8 with everything put together, I personally like hentais more like this, if you're kind of demented in the head such as myself.