Jan 3, 2018
lewdqueen_ (All reviews)
Oh wow, this doesn't have many reviews, I guess because it is a fairly newer hentai though.

Okay so, this only had about 2 episodes, and it was actually fairly enjoyable and lighthearted.

This is a good hentai if you want something that is more of a simple story line. The summary of it is basically a chubby guy who is a virgin and is receiving sexual favors through his classmate. No gross ugly men, just 2 MC's being super lewd.

If you're a fan of tan girls then this is a very good hentai. I loved the smoothness of the animation and the detail that they put into this. The animation is just very refreshing and they made the girl very erotic indeed. I enjoyed the animation a lot actually. The sound quality was also decent, I wouldn't say its the most lewd I heard but for the type of story this hentai was leading towards it fits well with the characters and mood.

The characters start off kinda clueless and the main girl is well, seemingly dumb in the beginning and is only good at sexual favors but eventually she did reach her goals of being top of her class, thanks to the MC. Now, normally in hentais they make chubbier or fatter characters more malevolent, and in this one he is chubby but you can tell he has a good heart and actually does care for the girl, no evil intentions really. Now, the only thing I didn't like was that they made the girl very contradictory because *spoiler* she is cheating on her boyfriend, who has a wife and kids, but when her boyfriend didn't make time for her she would get really discouraged about their "future." Idk why they had that portion, she was kinda a lowlife. However, it is just a hentai, so you can't expect from the females lol.

The characters were pretty lewd, I love girls that can accept their lewdness and own it lol. That's exactly what both of these characters did, perverted minds think alike. The animation add very well to the lewd portion, the ahegao was refreshing too. ;)

Haha okay, overall, I'd give it about a 7.5-8, I would say to watch it if you are just wanting to watch something simple or just simply jerk off to something that isn't super complicated and is proudly lewd.