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Apr 8, 2016
I, for some reason (most probably to fill the void created by my own loneliness TT TT) I end up reading a lot of shoujo manga. For me shoujo romance manga is a guilty pleasure and a great mystery... A mystery because, I don't think that there is any other genre, form of art or literature that manages to be as unmemorable as most of the shoujo romance manga on the market does. I hate reading ongoing shoujo manga because, especially if is monthly, I manage to forget most of what it is about until the next chapter comes up... In fact if I forget read more
Jan 15, 2016
Helck (Manga) add (All reviews)
I discovered this manga on Christmas when it got the first translated chapters, and kept it opened in my browser tabs for 2 weeks, because I had other manga to read too... 3 days ago I read the comments and saw that it already got 49 chapters, so I decided to start reading, I had read the 3 pages, which is the introduction and then put it on hold on for another 2 days, until Yesterday. That was a good decision, this manga is AWESOME, and is great that I had the chance to read 52 chapters at once, I wouldn't have been able to read more
Jan 25, 2015
This manga doesn’t have a review and I consider it deserve at least a short one, even though it has just 6 chapter for the moment. That why I will not give too much information, otherwise I will spoil you. Kagerui is manga about rich peoples. The action happens in a private school where are enrolled the progenitors of the elites (politicians, rich bastards, etc.). But this school is pretty unique; not only is full of rich punks, but it has a special system, that revolves around... gamble. Yes, the whole school is a damn casino, in which those kids bet money... and their life’s... read more
Jan 22, 2015
It is quite obvious that when it comes to manga, womens don’t have too much imagination... I mean no offence, and I seek forgiveness from the entire feminist fanbase who will feel offended but this is the truth... Is enaf to read some shoujo and see that in proportion of 90% they are all the same thing... a girl who usually falls in love with a popular boy, the girl is boring, there is tons of forced drama that makes you wonder: ''Is this mangaka a virgin ? Did she ever was in a relationship or she knows everything from shoujo manga? Are Japanese teenagers read more
Jan 8, 2015
In the end after, 2 years of trying, I managed to watch this series... Taking in consideration that it got a lot of 10, and is 2nd place on MAL, is obvious that I had big expectations... and so you do my dear reader. So, is Steins;Gate truly a masterpiece ? I dont know. I know a thing, this anime is far from perfection, like is aclaimed to be. Peoples say SAO is overrated, SNK is overrated, Naruto is overrated... today I say, Steins;Gate is pretty overrated too. To be honest I've been quite dissapointed, that why I decided to make this review. And I read more
Dec 23, 2014
My first review was about the notorious School Days, so it was obvious that my next review will be about another piece of junk... Well not really, I intended to make Agame Ga Kill, but I was reading Horimiya, I took a brake and entered on MAL to check the original manga, and I dont know how, I found thise series at recomandation, and discovered that it has really great scoores: 8,9,10... WTF ?! So to save some pure souls from watching this series and maybe end up becoming lolicons (it can happen), I chose to leave Akame ga Kill for later and review read more