Jan 25, 2015
kronopy (All reviews)
This manga doesn’t have a review and I consider it deserve at least a short one, even though it has just 6 chapter for the moment. That why I will not give too much information, otherwise I will spoil you. Kagerui is manga about rich peoples. The action happens in a private school where are enrolled the progenitors of the elites (politicians, rich bastards, etc.). But this school is pretty unique; not only is full of rich punks, but it has a special system, that revolves around... gamble. Yes, the whole school is a damn casino, in which those kids bet money... and their life’s... The system is a little similar with Liar Game. At the beginning, the students make a donation to the school, which will represent the amount they will use in gamble. The amount of money they have and their skills play an important role in their social status... Those who are good at gambling (and cheating) live enjoy their student life and privileges, those who lose all their money and have debts they can’t pay, fall at the bottom and become pets/slaves that have to obey the other students and take their abuse. The school is really fuked up. The students are real jerks in an overwhelming proportion. The main antagonist are the students council, who are the elites when it comes to gambles, crazy like shit, and rule over the school and its finances.
The main character is Jamabi Yumeko, who is just... awesome. Imagine a Tokisaki Kurumi addicted to gamble... that would be Jamabi, she loves so much gambles that she has orgasms. She doesn’t care of the danger or the bets, she enjoy taking dangerous gambles. You will love her. It goes the same for antagonists too... especially the Student Council President who is kind of hot and badass... Is not too much to tell about other characters from just 6 chapter’s trough...
The art is great. The character design is awesome and sexy when it comes to girls, without being moe or having oppai. I love how the artist is able to portrait expressions that show despair, fear, pleasure, excitement, or just the ugly souls of the students.
I highly recommend this to everyone, especially to those who enjoy psychological genre. You will definitely love this from the first chapter.

Story: 9
Art: 10
Character: 9
Enjoyment: 10
Overall: 9