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Sep 10, 2016
This anime started out as an average romance school setting. The only thing is there here magic is a real thing. It seemed like with this anime they couldn't decide whether it should be old school or mecha so they combined it.... This anime doesn't really stand out from the rest, but it is by no means a bad anime. It was very enjoyable and hard to put down.

Story: The number of plot twists in this story is enough to drive a few people crazy. Altough even though I didn't know anything about Haratora(? idk how to spell mc's name) and Natsume I could read more
Sep 4, 2016
I charged into this anime not knowing the genre and the synopsis given to me was a little confusing so I didn't really understand anything but 3 guys are the mcs. I for one hate harem and ecchi. There are only a couple that I can tolerate. I saw a picture of Chitose and was like omg I have to watch this. First impression: this is ecchi isn't it, oh harem too great -_-. To be honest this anime has a terrible first episode that makes ZERO SENSE. It's one of those series you need to bear with the shit writing for a little bit read more
Apr 7, 2016
UN-GO (Anime) add (All reviews)
Minor spoiler alert idk if they really count as spoilers though

When I read the summary for this anime I was really confused so lets get a few things straight that may have just been me but I'll say it anyways. 1. Yukki is the MC with his assistant Inga 2. He's basically known as the "Defeated Detective" because publicly he's always wrong 3. His assistant isn't uniquely talented it's something different. She's not like a genius or something even though she is smart

Story: It was pretty good though the mysteries often rushed the resolution. If anyone has ever watched Detective Conan or Case Closed read more
Apr 4, 2016
If you like nicely ended stories with much action and plot twisting you'll like this anime.

I had lots of mixed feelings of this anime. Ok first I love Tenka he is the absolutely best character ever, but the reason for my mixed feelings were they were constantly using him as an excuse. Like to get stronger, the reason for this the reason for that, like NO don't do that to MY Tenka!!
(please excuse my language)

Story- Ahhhh again it's like they used Tenka as an excuse too much. This is a giant jumbled animated version of producers continuously bitch slapping the audience. Like it seems read more
Mar 29, 2016
This anime is the stereotypical mc helps other people out scenario kinda like Gintama except they get compensation for it.

Story- There isn't really a main plot but the individual ones plus creep factor were pretty good.

Art- I've watched so many anime I'm really picky with art style. I understand this is 2006 but still every time I saw them it annoyed me to no end. Their limbs are so long when they stand up they're equivalent to half of a 5 story building. The way the moved really irritated me too. Sometimes Watanuki would fall and his movements were so exaggerated he looked read more
Mar 28, 2016
When I first started this it looked like your average mystery anime, but it's actually not. It's ridiculously confusing and when you see the year you need to remember it because they'll show another one and in order to figure out what's going on you need to pay attention. If you don't it will get really confusing. They don't give the plot straight to you it's jumbled in pieces and you have to watch the full thing to figure it out.

Story- If you can understand it it's pretty good. Still the confusion factor is a minus.

Art- It was pretty average most of it was read more
Mar 28, 2016
Personally I don't really like slice of life in fact I could say I actively hate it and try to avoid it, but recently because of this anime I started watching slice of life. I first started watching this anime because my friend showed it to me. It was funny and you couldn't really feel the slice of life element in it. The producers love throwing in random scenes of just cats in the middle of everything. They'll be talking and then it's just a cat stretching. This anime is light-hearted and something you can laugh with your friends about. It's not the usual dark read more
Mar 28, 2016
I completely got the wrong idea when I read the synopsis probably because I read it wrong so I'll write a mini one of my own. Basically there are giant balls that can kick ass and have a bunch of cannons and can withstand atomic bombs. Then there's Qwenther and Havia who outsmart them and become famous and the whole story is just them figuring out the weaknesses and beating everyone else. Of course you have to have the teenagers be the ones beating everyone up though because that's the law of mecha. Even the commander is only 18 -_- not saying there's anything wrong read more
Mar 27, 2016
After getting many recommendations for this anime I decided to watch it and I was pretty surprised to see so many bad reviews for it. Personally I thought it was a good anime. So normally sports anime over exaggerate the sport and how people feel about it and this one was no exception. They made the high five seem like the biggest deal ever like it was all about connecting feelings which it was just it was a little too dramatic. The characters in this story were nice. I love how they didn't make a fussy little female mc like they normally are. She was read more
Mar 27, 2016
Gintama (Anime) add (All reviews)
I decided to watch this because so many people have watched it and I regret nothing. I laughed so hard at the stupid things they did and how they constantly trolling the audience. This anime is basically random + random + Gin saying cheesy lines + unexpected endings. Everything about this is completely unpredictable. Trying to predict the opposite of what every normal anime would do doesn't work either because they find a way to screw up that logic too. I love how there were times where they just sat around and discussed how they should be doing something or how the company was dying read more