Mar 28, 2016
kittycats468 (All reviews)
I completely got the wrong idea when I read the synopsis probably because I read it wrong so I'll write a mini one of my own. Basically there are giant balls that can kick ass and have a bunch of cannons and can withstand atomic bombs. Then there's Qwenther and Havia who outsmart them and become famous and the whole story is just them figuring out the weaknesses and beating everyone else. Of course you have to have the teenagers be the ones beating everyone up though because that's the law of mecha. Even the commander is only 18 -_- not saying there's anything wrong it's just so cliche...

Art- It was pretty average

Sound- I liked some of the sound tracks and the voice actors were nice too

Character- They do a good job with the characters and it's entertaining watching Qwenther always awakening his inner genius at the last moment and saving the princess. It's always funny when they throw in the pervert element of the 2 mc's too. The producers made good antagonists that made you want to smack them and it brings out the mc's good points even more. There isn't much character development though since they were basically at the peak from the start.

Story- Loved it. It was basically repeating but it kept be hooked the whole time just watching them fight Objects. They waste a lot of time explaining the plans and stuff though even though if you're a normal human being it's hard to keep up with sometimes.

Basically if you like action and a little bit of humor it will probably fit your fancy. You don't have to like mecha to like this. Personally I'm not a huge mecha fan but I really liked this anime.
That's all thanks for reading. ^~^