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Days: 61.7
Mean Score: 7.42
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Fruits Basket (2019)
Fruits Basket (2019)
Jul 2, 2:54 AM
Watching 13/25 · Scored -
Kimi no Na wa.
Kimi no Na wa.
May 30, 1:41 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 8
One Piece
One Piece
Jan 9, 5:41 AM
Watching 810/? · Scored 10
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Days: 42.6
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  • Chapters5,059
  • Volumes848
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Skip Beat!
Skip Beat!
Jun 30, 10:16 AM
Reading 271/? · Scored 10
Dengeki Daisy
Dengeki Daisy
Jun 10, 2:56 PM
Completed 80/80 · Scored 9
Love So Life
Love So Life
May 7, 7:58 AM
Completed 111/111 · Scored 5


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Wolfghast Apr 24, 2014 11:39 AM
Lol. I know people at 30 that still don't have their shit together.
You should have finished by now. Yes?

Yeah, bunch your little brother and sister together. Fuck them and get your own room!

You're lucky you got him in the end. My parents are considering moving and I have no idea how the cat would handle it. She's 100% a garden cat.

Haters gonna hate eh?

I didn't mean giving up as in not finishing but like not doing it after having finished your course. I can understand losing passion for it because of difficulty though.

Finding a job is a bitch and a half. Even for me now. I had a job offered to me but it was 50 km away and they already know I have no transportation.

I still have free time. Just that I'm doing more manual work around the house and shit. And when I do get on I rarely sign onto Mal. :P
Wolfghast Mar 21, 2014 8:36 AM
I am 21! For me it's fine. I have a whole section apart from my parents and I'm saving a shit ton of money this way.

Sleeping or working? You sound like one of those really, really busy types. And nope, you didn't.

Being away from our pets isn't as easy as some may think. I always miss my cat when I'm away for periods of time. So your parents bought a new house but it's too small to fit you in? Kinda sucky. Isn't there a spare room you could just put a couch in or something?
And praise do tell. I've had a fair few people sticking their nose in as of late too.

Have you completely lost passion for it or is it just to do with the course? Would be an utter shame for you to change your career after doing 3 grueling years.
Yeap. Life's fucking scary as a whole.

Not had a great deal of interest so far. I'm starting to think I might have to actually go to a big port and try and find work manually. Problem with that of course is that it's forever costing me money. Money, I don't have. :|
And that somewhere is apparently nowhere.

I can only imagine. I went to London some 3 months ago? And the prices for practically everything were expensive as hell.

Sorry for late reply. As usual. :(
Wolfghast Mar 7, 2014 3:15 PM
Haha, I know that feeling. Luckily my parents are cool with me crashing here. Especially since I do all the cooking and I help out.
My options are pretty open. Which makes this hard. Since, I have no idea what to do. Now that I have my diploma I could technically get a job in most places. It's just deciding where. I'd like to just work on a cruiseliner doing 4 months on and 2 months off. But, I've not found many that will take me on, I either need 3 years exp or some exp working in a similar environement.

How poor are you? You're making me feel bad for you. >:|
Kannei Feb 18, 2014 7:05 PM
vomic- seiyuu fanclub!

would you like to join us ?
Wolfghast Feb 8, 2014 2:48 AM

Haha, sorry :P
So basically every time you feel down or completely boggled by the work you're like 'just 4 months left. Just 4 months' and use that as a means to keep going? I found myself doing that towards the end of my apprenticeship and I bet it's not even close to being as hard as your studies.

Yeah, luckily the guy's really laid back and shit. Even if I was say late on rent by a month he wouldn't really care. And a mate of mine rents the other room so win, win.

Nooooooooo. You're too poor for cup ramen as well?
Wolfghast Feb 3, 2014 5:01 AM
Ah, go and find out you bakaaaaaaaaa!!

Aaaaaah! I'm thinking that you've told me this once before way in the past. I knew someone was doing aerospace stuff. Is it a hellish place? Or more like the studies are killing you? :P

Erm, not sure. I actually haven't worked a full time job since I stopped where I was in september. Right now I actually don't need to work. Obviously I don't want to be sitting on my ass, I just don't want to run into something and waste my life away. So, I'm sitting back and checking my options. I can get a room in a house with water, electric and the likes already paid, for about £50 a week. It's just about finding a job there.
Wolfghast Jan 29, 2014 7:50 AM
Yeah, that's probably it.
How did your exam go? Good, bad or just plain ugly?

I can only imagine! Are you studying for something inparticular?

Well, I finished the 2 year course I was on. And passed with flying colours (Tbh even though some people failed I don't think the tests were that hard).
And Pretty much never here either. I mean, it's taken me this long to even realise you'd messaged me!
Wolfghast Dec 14, 2013 1:02 PM
"So I typed in my MAL username in google and it came up with your name :O."

Pretty much this. Just getting back on MAL. You all right?
ess Sep 19, 2013 3:15 PM
dont worry ;) isnt it stupid that they picked up series which requires MORE than 25eps to finish it properly rather than just teasing whole world with it LOL? i just cant understand it.
ess Sep 10, 2013 7:18 AM
Shingeki ep. 22 spoiler:
ess Jul 5, 2013 12:45 PM
ess Jul 5, 2013 12:37 PM
Currently I am in Loughborough, near East Midlands airport. And I would rather say that weather is very nice recently, which is rare. :P What festival you're going to?

So like I mentioned ealier, I recommend the Yahari Ore something thing. Very nice and chilled out! ^_^

BAHAHAHAHHAHAH RAGE AGAINST THE SKIP BEAT!!! ;___________________; just let us die, lol. D: actually i do remember you telling me to read it, but it was also my friend and she recently actually sent me like super spoiler pic from THESE *meaningful stare* chapters and I was like... allright time to read this shit. D:

Lol I defo love this manga doodle! XD

THANKS FOR THIS GIF, since you posted it here whenever I visit my profile I scroll down and stare at it for like 10 secs. And its very addicting lol. Everytime I look at it I hope that something will happen which no one has seen coming LOL (don't even ask me). XDDD
ess Jun 27, 2013 6:59 AM
hahaha so first of all congrats on not noticing me at all! ;___; :P

so as always your holidays sounds... so... fun... poor uli, hard working whole time :( i finished uni 2 days ago and now Ive just arrived in England and dont have a ticket back yet as they are all expensive so no idea if im gonna ever go back home... D: not that im gonna complain though ;p

noooo i dont and didnt play minecraft! i was always sceptic about it so no, but i played portal obviously. i mentioned minecraft as it was a cool thing to base my project on :)

so about shingeki no kyojin - cool you like it! episodes are usually out in internet saturday evening/ sunday morning, so next one is very soon :) about the story...

Of course I have other series to recommend! But depends what are you in a mood for? Tell me first and I will say what i think is worth watching from new series.

also i really think you should finish yondemasu yo azazel san thing, its worth watching (atleast first series, the last one is full of p*nises and all perverted stuff, even ME was disgusted almost on every episode LOL.
as for romance/slice of life thing i defo reccomend from currently airing (today finished airing as i just checked D:) yahari ore... blabla, check my animelist for the title. it is actually very cool and i would say philosophical stuff about how loners are seeing stuff from their point of view at school. i really recoommend it :) and for mindf*cking stuff I definitely recommend Aku No Hana, Ive never seen something like this and I also do not understand why does it have such score on mal (probably because mal is full of people who are fans of clannad or other otaku kind-of-people), so probably thats why. one of the most interesting series this season, but to see how it develops you will have to reach around 7 ep, (or 6th or 8th). then you will realise how much you are actually interested in the story and find it surprising. i strongly recommend it! so:

- yahari ore...
- aku no hana
+ azazel series

i do not know how much you missed from airing series, so let me know if you want more or other type and i will check on your list if you seen series i think you should see!
also... one thing: skip beat

also i love the pic you have in your proifile xD what manga is it from? :D

ess Jun 26, 2013 12:25 PM
whats funny? D:
lol no its not for hipstery... its for deers lol. i became deer lover few days ago LOL
ess Jun 26, 2013 12:18 PM
i will reply later as now falling asleep, but for now: go for itttttttttttttttt! :D all endings in all episodes are things you are waiting for uli!