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Nov 24, 2022
I always find it amusing to watch BL as a straight guy. While i don't relate well to the relationship it is interesting to get the perspective. To start it seemed promising it was more serious than not. Nothing wrong with suspension of disblief, but always refreshing for a mature take. However, as it started to go past the first 10 minutes i was starting to get more confused.

Having looked at other reviews i now understand that this is an adaption, and they are right that it is a very poor adaption at that. I somewhat understood what was going on, but at the ...
Mar 16, 2014
Ichigo 100% (Manga) add

I first saw Ichigo 100% as an anime around 2009 when I first started to marathon shows. That first summer I watched a hundred series, good old high school days, and Ichigo 100% ended up as one of the many. After all that I still remembered it as one of the mediocre anime that I had watched. Today, after adjusting the score a few times, it has a 4/10 (bad) and a 6.95 on MAL. While I don’t normally give scores here I just wanted to put in perspective how bad the adaption was, and how much i disliked it myself even back when I ...
Aug 16, 2013

When Sorata enters the notorious dorm Sakurasou against he eagerly awaits the day he can leave. However, the dorm leader assigns him to take care of Mashiro his outlook on life changes forever.

This is a touching story on the difficulties of acquiring our dreams, and of acquiring love.

Initial Reaction:

J.C. Staff’s art made me thing that this would be another run of the mill romantic comedy. The title really had me on guard since I don’t know if I would name something as such unless it had an ecchi theme. The first few episode entailed Sorata dressing Mashiro, doing her laundry, and just about everything ...
Feb 3, 2013
Mixed Feelings
So after hearing that Symphogear will have a sequel you might be interested if the show is worth watching. I have become interested in writing a review as it was something I didn't really expect to happen. To be completely honest my impression of the show was pretty much just your average mahou shoujo show, but lets take a closer look shall we?

Symphogear was fun to watch: It had high eyecandy value. The action scenes weren't half bad, and the music was decent as it should being an integral part of the show. However, I think the fact of the matter is its lack of ...
Feb 2, 2013
As a male sometimes it can be difficult to find a good shoujo romance. In general I find them more mature and reasonable than shounen romance, but some of the targeting affect miss the mark on me. However, Lovely Complex is one of my favorite romantic comedies of all time. In fact it was on my top 10 a year or two ago. It is a very relaxing, funny, and cute show that avoids many of the pit holes I see in other romantic comedies.

The story follows Risa and Ootani, whose nicknames are 'Amazoness' and 'chibi' (midget) in reference to their height. They are known ...
Feb 1, 2013
Ano Hana is a tale of love and loss that I will never forget. I have a case of prosopagnosia which causes a headache when you experience hundreds and hundreds of faces in anime not to mention real life. However, Ano Hana is one of the few shows where I can clearly remember and recall the name of each character. Regardless of my own feelings, Ano Hana decided it wanted to grab a spot in my heart and stay there for a while: Two years and running at the moment.

Why has Ano Hana reached so many people and caught them like they have me? ...
Feb 1, 2013
Ika Musume is one of the few very moe comedy shows that I have managed to enjoy. To be honest I rarely can appreciate jokes and gags in anime, so I am very harsh critic. Yet, I must admit that Ika musume had managed to tickle me pink on a few different occasions. They took a simple idea, and made it work well.

Ika musume follows… well Ika Musume as she attempts to conquer land to take revenge on the atrocities humanity commits on the seas. However, due to unfortunate circumstances she damages the frightening Aizawa Chizuru's precious shop. Thus, in order to protect herself from ...
Jan 30, 2013
Princess Tutu (Anime) add
Princess Tutu defies all expectations by going above and beyond the meaning of mahou shoujo. I recall being very hesitant to start watching this show as I have a tendency to avoid the genre, and the fact that she transforms into a tutu wielding heroine is not what I had wanted to watch for nearly 40 episodes.

However, I quickly got into the story of Princess Tutu almost as if I was also under Drosselmeyer's control. Yes, the entire story takes place in a town that is living to the script of a famous writer Drosselmeyer, and while the characters have their own free will and ...
Jan 28, 2013
Chuunibyou had been the highlight of the 2012 fall season for me. For me it has resonated with me a decent bit, as I have experienced (and continue experiencing) "eighth grader syndrome" myself. Chuunibyou is essentially possessing an overactive imagination to the extent that you will superimpose your own delusions in reality. Why do people contract Chuunibyou? Is it a disease, or just a piece of ones personality? Should we really attempt to become completely normal? Does everyone not have their own unique 'chuunibyou' experience at one point in their life?

Yuuta, our male lead, experienced his chuunibyou as dark flame master. After proceeding to ...
Jan 27, 2013
Mixed Feelings
The Hayate series has been one I have held dearest to my heart for a long time. The specific sense of humor and the use of art to exaggerate the characters dumbfounded expressions always made me laugh back when I watch the first two seasons. However, after the long gap 'I can't take my eyes off you' was a disappointment.

The story line is completely independent of the manga, and covers the story behind Nagi's father and mother. In all honesty I thought that the actual plot of the show was not half bad, I might even admit good, but there was a bigger ...