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May 12, 2015
This is one of those which I gave an 8/10 after a long time and also the only one which I stopped halfway because I was too greedy to finish it.

Story: I was looking forward on seeing a story like this since ages! This anime has a totally captivating story and a plot that would keep you wanting more. It has all those powerful emotional elements that would definitely make you rate this one higher. From the start to the finish, Akatsuki No Yona delivers a powerful story of betrayal, love, loyalty and legend. To be honest, I even forgot that this was a read more
Apr 10, 2015
Basically saying Orihara Izaya got jealous that everyone was invited to a hot pot party except for him and decided to ruin things up in Ikebukoro, seriously though that dude is enough to create World War Three.

Story: This is a good sequel in my opinion. The main antagonist cooks up the whole story- it's his stage and his play, he himself is an actor and others also dances according to his wishes. Since this is a continuation there's nothing much to tell about the story or plot, but it was worth seeing how the underdogs and the mafia conspire within the deadly silent night read more
Apr 5, 2015
Well I know that i should be crying or something after I've watched this- but surprisingly the tears did not come and they didn't fall either so.

Story: The story of this one is the continuation of the first season i think- and it started all off with the fiery scarlet battles, blood pouring about and etc. I'll be honest with you the reason i really liked TG was because of the characters and their developments and in the anime it's all about Choreography. Unfortunately i'm very disappointed about this adaptation. This story is way too tragic and that's not the main point- the story read more
Jan 4, 2015
I passed this one off thinking that it's a mecha anime from the cover- but what i got to see was the totally opposite of it. Teito was an orphan slave boy from a slaughtered kingdom which he gets trained as a killing machine but then accidentally suffers rehabilitation from the church.

Story: This story is pretty unique- and i hate criticizing it. The whole story except for the characters is a metaphor: the battle between light and darkness is the main theme here. Biblical Illusions are every where- St Michael, Raphael, Gabriel- their powers, chants, crosses,nuns every thing needed to make a read more
Nov 26, 2014
This is what it looks like when Grell Sutcliff ever gets an anime to himself. From the looks of the cover it seriously looks like an anime which you should avoid(because of the goat)- but don't judge the cover because you'll be loosing a good gem to your anime list.

This story follows the Cuticle Detective: Hiroshi Inaba who is a artificial cloned Doberman that works for the police and a new threat arises when the goat: Don Valentino (master of a Mafia organization) makes his début in Japan.

Story: So to say this story was fast paced and the only genres that it satisfied read more
Nov 16, 2014
Tamako Kitashirikawas is a daughter of a "Mochi" maker who gets proposed by a royal bird- and because of that things get turned upside down in her normal life. It looks and seems like K-ON but better than that, i really liked the atmosphere and the original genuine jokes.

Story: The mangaka has chose an ordinary shopping district for her/his getup- it seems pure ordinary but turning the story around with scenic events like Festivals.Culture day,Christmas,New Year and mostly rice cakes: it definitely did qualify to get a good rating. There are love triangles- friendship conflicts and just some things out of the ordinary so read more
Nov 8, 2014
Haimura Kiri looks like an ordinary boy from the outside but he is actually a person with a hair cutting obsession, and a severe one at that. He wants to cut sweet lady hair to satisfy himself and for that purpose he carries a scissor And one day he meets The Queen of Hair- a girl who couldn't cut her hair. Sounds like a perfect match right?

Story: This story is one of those that messes up the audiences emotions, it's hard to think that the mangaka pitied any of the characters. The story elements fits together and have enormous plot twists. The Romance scenes read more
Nov 7, 2014
Apparently this is just two basic short stories concerning the Ultimate Detective : L
This one is not my most anticipated Chapters or "Files" of Death Note for sure, but i liked it

We go through: A Normal Day of L's life in the first story and,
A small Reference of L's past as a child(First day at the Wammy's House)

Story: Watari is present in in both stories and he seems to narrate both of them. You get at least interesting hints about L's past and how he actually led a normal life as a detective. Some doubtful questions like: Do L takes Baths and read more
Oct 31, 2014
I literally wanted to kill anyone who was about 100 cm in radius within me after i finished the last episode.
Don't get me wrong, it was not because of the fact there were no episodes,NOT because there was a million dollar cliffhanger at the end but because of the emotional intensity of this anime.

Ah~ i remember Tokyo Ghoul manga- it was that one manga under the horror category which i didn't wanted to read- because i judged it's cover, but ultimately the manga rose to get a good rating and here we are the anime: the most wanted thing in the world for some read more
Oct 19, 2014
Let's get logged into a futuristic cyber world where gangs and mind controllers control the universe along with the "Blue Fox" : "Aoba Seragaki" and his friends as he saves his homeland(island) from an incoming cyber attack.

Story: Frankly this type of a futuristic story is very hard to combine no doubt that the mangaka and the producers succeeded on that. You see this blue haired cute dude in a futuristic pair of boots, on the first impression he looks strong and a lone wolf but not essentially. He works in a Junk Shop to fair for his grandma and himself. Little did he know read more