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Aug 12, 2014
Kibun Kibun (Anime) add
This is definitely the best Hentai I've watched, and the combination of a romantic drama with full-on sexual scenes makes it one of the most interesting animes I've watched.
It's a romantic erotic drama and the leads are two high schoolers in love. It's all about their mutual love and attraction, you don't get to experience fear, depression or unease as the usual case with Hentai.
The show has a more-than-usual focus on drama, even the sex scenes exists with character or story development intentions.
Another thing special I found here was how much the show supported monogamous relationships and there's almost no sexual relations other than between ...
Jul 28, 2013
RG Veda (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
I actually found this OVA pretty decent considering the widespread hate it got. I'd say it delivers what it promises, and I'd really love to see more of this story animated.

The premise is about the journey of the young king Ashura, who fell from his throne, and his six guardians lead by warrior Yasha, who try to help him reclaim it. The OVA focuses the journey of the king and his guardians through deserts, castles and icy landscapes in search of the 6th and last guardian, while briefly encountering the main villain, Taishakuten.

Although having a pretty generic fantasy-adventure setting I found the cast to be ...
Jul 25, 2013
Mixed Feelings
This show started out like one of the most amazing shoujo anime I've seen and slowly became an unbearable waste of time.
The show starts out with lots of mystery, intriguing characters, excellent pace and buildup, it catches you completely off guard with its dark and melancholic themes as you expect a sugary positive magical girl cliche. The characters are amazing and deliver lots of genuine emotions and easy to relate drama.
Around the middle mark the show starts filling out with fillers, episodes that go practically nowhere, no clear antagonist and a complete ignore of vital questions and puzzles the story set up. The last episodes ...
Jul 24, 2013
Hyper Police (Anime) add
Although animal people are a famous anime trope it's rare to see a setting where every character is part animal and humans are the minority.

Hyper Police's world is very detailed - from the visual design that always brings new ideas of monsters, characters and mechanics, to the the dialogues that explore laws, ethics and lifestyle, it almost feels like a real parallel universe.

Some episodes focus on side characters and so you get a lot of different approaches to this world. There's a variety ensemble of at least 10 recurring characters, each unique and interesting enough to receive a spin off of its own.

Almost every character ...
Jul 7, 2013
I☆Can (Anime) add
Preliminary (1/3 eps)
I know that lately there's a Netorare fashion in Hentai, but this is the first time for me to see one.
The story resolves around a girl, her boyfriend, and a rapist.
It's somewhat sadistic towards the audience as the main character constantly suffers, but this is usual for Hentai. The unusual side is that the "main" character is not the girl, but her boyfriend.
It's extremely weird and strikes you the most odd in the first visible rape scene - we first see rape only when the guy himself witnesses it. It's not the first rape that happens, but oddly enough we always get cut out of ...
Jul 4, 2013
Diabolus: Kikoku can't decide what it wants to be - porn or plot driven, and fails miserably at both, but it's still highly recommended, if only for the interesting product it could've been.
The whole story centers around three characters, an attractive "bad guy" and two girls who try to make him good. There are no other nameable characters but there are some brief sex scenes of the guy with other girls.
The show should've chosen its path - either be a plain common hentai, make the guy the protagonist and show his encounters with other girls. Or take the story path, flesh out the girls more, ...
Jun 21, 2013
Yabai Kimochi (Manga) add
Although i read it long ago, twice, i still plan on re-reading it, it's on my book shelf.
It's very emotionally reliable and takes you through the frustrations of being in the closet and in love with a straight friend.
The love interest does make some unclear decisions that seem like a plain fantasy of the protagonist but it manages to blend inside his already enigmatic nature and also the protagonist's reactions are reliable enough to view them as a little more than a plain fantasy. It's very moving.
The art is gorgeous, their face expressions are amazing, i love the thin, sharp yet soft lines the artist ...
Jun 4, 2013
I am just so happy to be through with that show, I really could not stand it. Generally I came to it for the amazing art style but I only found a pile of jokes that really didn't entertain me that much.
The show has some interesting atmosphere for a comedy, and it sometimes give the feeling of something more dramatic but it's not funny enough as a comedy and not nearly interesting enough as a drama.
Character and story development is almost non existent. The main character is being slightly examined throughout the show but the characters around her are so wacky there's hardly one relationship ...
May 18, 2013
First episode: 6/10 (incredible for hentai)
Second episode: 2/10 (regular for hentai)
Final score: 4/10 (disappointing but worth checking)

When I started the 1st episode I expected porn. the premise seemed slightly interesting about a guy that works in a video store, has a rape fetish and meets a girl with supposed-magical-powers that can sense if other girls want to be raped. The whole idea of girls wanting to be raped (thus not making it rape), a boy that wants to "rape" (even if it might not be rape) and a sidekick GIRL that guides him through to get his desires all made an interesting premise to me ...
May 9, 2013
Let me start off by saying that the core of this anime feels like a shota romance.
It's not pornographic, but the main couple of the story is a bishounen and his kid brother. The main guy would do anything for this kid and he is his sole interest, you might say it's pretty romantic.

Other than those two there are way too many characters which hardly have any character to them, most of them get no development or get half a story at best and holds no real weight in the show as a whole.

The only developed characters in the ova are the main guy, his ...

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