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Nov 4, 2018
I've often watched shows like Haikyuu! and wondered why it's so focused just on volleyball, and not on developing some of the characters away from the court. After watching Hanebado!, I'm re-thinking that position. The best way that I could describe the story in Hanebado! is that the scenes focused on badminton (the matches, the training/coaching, etc.) are actually quite excellent. And everything that happens away from the court is just an absolute mess. Maybe some writers are just better at telling a simple sports drama and shouldn't try to extend too far beyond that (although, I recently watched Cross Game, which handled the balance read more
Jun 25, 2018
I'm a huge fan of the original DanMachi series, but for some reason I held off on reading the spin-off books for a while. I wasn't sure how a DanMachi series could work without Bell as the focus - especially given how aloof a character Aiz can be. But I finally took the plunge and ripped through six novels in a short period - so this review is based on the first six novels in the story.

This series felt like a bit of a gimmick at first - we'd just see the same story but through Aiz's eyes instead of Bell's. That's how it was read more
Jun 25, 2018
I feel like my review may be somewhat biased by my nostalgia for Spice and Wolf - which is my favourite LN/manga. When I found out there was going to be a spin-off with Col and Myuri, I was pretty pumped. So my expectations were probably a little high. This review is based on the first two volumes of the series.

The story feels very much like a Spice and Wolf story - Col and Myuri travel to a new town and become embroiled in some big, complicated mess. The primary difference is that Lawrence and Holo used to end up in some sort of read more
Feb 5, 2018
Akame ga Kill! is a frustrating show for me. It's a show that, at times, seems like it wants to be more than a typical shounen, but then only delivers on that promise in the most superficial of ways. While I did enjoy the show to some degree, it disappointed in not delivering what could have been a great story.

Story - 6/10:

Probably the weakest element is just the approach to the story, and the themes and depth present within. The show opens with possibly the most shounen cliche of all - a boy from the country arrives in the big city looking to become a read more
Jan 14, 2018
Generally, I've only ever read manga or light novels after first watching the anime and am interested in seeing where the story goes from there. Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? (I'll just call it DanMachi from now on) was the first time I reversed that and read the source material before seeing the anime. This review is based on the first 10 volumes.

I really don't like the title of this series. I find it very misleading. It gives the impression of a standard harem concept, but this story is anything but. Sure, it has the standard harem cliches, with a read more
Nov 12, 2017
About a week ago, I'd never even heard of karuta. I imagine that's probably true of a lot of viewers of Chihayafuru. I've noticed lately that (despite being male), I've been really enjoying Josei, and to a lesser extent Shojo, series. I have no idea why, but I find the stories and the characters to be more relatable and real. And that's how I found Chihayafuru, searching for similar anime. It didn't disappoint.

Story - 8/10:

I enjoy the plot of Chihayafuru, and it's probably the weakest element. I mean, at its core this is just another show about some sort of high school competition. Whether it's read more
Oct 21, 2017
Nana (Anime) add (All reviews)
I know I'm coming to this anime quite late (given that it's 2017), but I'm glad that I finally took the time to watch it. Nana is a wonderful story about life, love, and regret. It's one of those stories where the characters just grab you and won't let go. It was an emotional roller coaster and as bittersweet as it might be to feel sad when the final episode winds down, I just love finding stories that can hit me that hard.

STORY - 10/10

Nana has a rather simple premise. Two girls named Nana meet each other, move in as roommates, and go about their read more
Mar 26, 2017
I really wanted to like this show more. As is the case with many people, I found Sinbad to be the most compelling character in the first two seasons of Magi. After watching this prequel, however, I'm wondering if the mystery and mystique surrounding Sinbad in the original Magi series is part of what makes him so compelling. Telling his backstory didn't seem to work as well as it should have. But it was still a fun show to watch.

STORY - 6/10:

I felt like this was really where the show fell a little flat. What could have been an interesting story, outlining a long, hard read more
Mar 19, 2017
I feel like Magi: The Kingdom of Magic is a slight improvement over the original season (which I quite liked). I want to give this an 8.5, but half points aren't permitted. So I settled on an 8 instead.

STORY - 9/10:

While the characters were really what helped push a first season that was a bit weaker on story, those elements are reversed here. The second season spends most of its time following Aladdin. We get brief glimpses of Alibaba and Morg, and they each make a triumphant return towards the end of the season, but we're really focused on Aladdin here.

Aladdin is at the magic read more
Mar 18, 2017
Given its massive popularity, Sword Art Online has its fair share of haters. It's interesting to see how people who didn't like the anime carry that into this film. While the anime had a number of issues, pretty much every major complaint isn't present in this movie. I wrote in a review about Sword Art Online: Progressive that we've really seen the author of the SAO books evolve as a writer from a very uneven and disjointed set of early stories into a much more consistent and satisfying later set of stories (once you get into the Alicization arc of the novels, and the SAO: read more