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Zankyou no Terror
Zankyou no Terror
Yesterday, 2:58 PM
Completed 11/11 · Scored 6
Shuumatsu no Walküre 2nd Season
Shuumatsu no Walküre 2nd Season
Oct 24, 9:26 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 4: Diamond wa Kudakenai
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 4: Diamond wa Kudakenai
Oct 21, 6:30 PM
Completed 39/39 · Scored 8
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Ito Junji Kyoufu Manga Collection - Souichi no Noroi Nikki
Ito Junji Kyoufu Manga Collection - Souichi no Noroi Nikki
Oct 14, 7:05 PM
Completed 5/5 · Scored 6
Ito Junji Kyoufu Manga Collection - Souichi no Tanoshii Nikki
Ito Junji Kyoufu Manga Collection - Souichi no Tanoshii Nikki
Oct 14, 7:05 PM
Completed 6/6 · Scored 6
Dr. Stone
Dr. Stone
Oct 14, 6:59 PM
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IshigamiCrisis Oct 21, 6:38 PM
Blue Period is good!! It's probably my favorite sports anime at the moment since it embraces a very believable/relatable journey and welcomes in LGBTQ+ characters! I just wish the art was better *cries in Picasso* That's really awesome that you can relate to Yatora as an artist; I've seen mixed reactions, particularly the top Blue Period review, but it's good that other artists like Blue Period~

Old Reply: I never finished Otome Game S2 yet lol; I'm planning to finish with the friend I was watching with, but it's so much work ;-;

Ishida is such an underrated character and I'm glad you appreciate him as well in the manga. The movie is flawed for sure, but it's still something I appreciate since I watched before reading the manga (which appears to be the correct choice heh).

Nishimiya is commonly criticized for being a flawless character which is not true! She has trouble being honest about her actual emotions and just expressing them to those around her, even though she has a lot to say. Yuzuru has such a heartbreaking POV in the beginning of the manga, and I'm glad both sisters developed as time went on.

Ueno, in my opinion, is the flawed character that everyone is meant to hate. It's difficult to see her as anything positive to be honest, but in some ways, she's like Ishida, in that she fails to make amends with her past relations even though she does try (sometimes). Unpopular POV, but I think she's well-written haha.

The ability to admit to your flaws and try to make things up for those you have wronged by understanding and helping one another, forgiving and not forgetting, is a beautiful message. I wish I was the same, but recently, an ex-friend and I ended our friendship on a toxic note (we were both mutually toxic) and it's that lack of empathy we had for each other that killed the friendship. I wanted to end my friendship on a positive note, but the condescending view of me my ex-friend had, even until the very end made me give up on something as simple as that. I can say for a fact that Ishida and Nishimiya are bigger people than my ex-friend and I are, but I still look up to these characters as who I strive to be~

The Koe no Katachi manga challenged my understanding of my own mental health (just like the movie did) and it opened up the way I looked at my friendships and family relations. I'm glad it helped you during your hard time, because I think that's what the mangaka wanted to do! The fact the manga does not romanticize friendship or any of the themes makes it one of my favorites. I will never forget how personally significant of a story A Silent Voice is to me and how much everyone goes through, especially Ishida. My favorite moment is probably the ending, where everything comes full circle, everyone has recovered, and moved on in their own separate ways of life, happy to have friends. It's a little too perfect, but I think it's everything that someone could ever want <3

Thanks for letting me know your thoughts as well and sorry for responding late! I keep going on and off of MAL but replies like yours makes me happy to see how the emotional resonance of animanga like Koe no Katachi affects us all! And of course, I appreciate the conversation :D
IntrigueTangiers Oct 10, 5:06 AM
Es que el slice of life es lo mejor, ese pibe no sabe nada. Aparte Josuke es un crack y muy chafero, COMO LO VAS A ODIAR.
IntrigueTangiers Oct 7, 3:25 PM
vamo lo jojo vieja, esa es la segunda mejor parte desde ya que sí
Beowulf_1824 Sep 22, 1:51 AM
Yeah, everyone's opinions are valid but if we want to be objective, it's basically borderline hentai with an excuse of a plot that tries to be dark but is extremely poorly executed, plus, the plot holes and incongruences are huge, the fact that some people consider it as an objective masterpiece is baffling to me, honestly I didn't watch the anime cause I had already wasted time with the manga.
IshigamiCrisis Sep 5, 8:48 PM
Long time no talk again! I just finished the Koe no Katachi manga, and it truly does add a lot to the movie. It expanded on Nishimiya's characterization showcasing better that she's hiding her inner emotions, as well as pent-up anger and frustration, Satoshi's desire to be normal and his warped sense of justice, Naoka's reasons for why she was a bully, and the way they all connected together through the creation of a movie that everyone in their friend group could see. I've never felt a series touch upon my real life through not just one, but multiple different characters; Ishida in particular is someone I related to, because he started out as an awful human being hurting others for the sake of easing boredom, to a pathetic person that I also once was. His development and un-development hit so close to home, but I was rooting for him the whole way like other people have for me. Seeing him and Nishimiya entering through the door, coming to terms as friends who have reached the deepest of understanding of one another and opening a new chapter of each of their own lives as they have finished their coming-of-age story. Koe no Katachi dealt with mental health in a brutal, but touching way, emphasized the importance of understanding, and the need for everyone to love oneself as well as rely on others.

Apologies if that's long to read, but I just wanted to share this with you since you also seem to have enjoyed the manga as much as I have <3 Does Koe no Katachi mean anything in particular to you?
IntrigueTangiers Sep 5, 7:50 AM
Insoportable el enano ese, AGARRAME QUE LO MATO
IntrigueTangiers Sep 1, 12:29 PM
Nanatsu no Taizai? Salí de ahí, Maravilla!
Lauchita Aug 23, 6:28 AM
Yo las veo bien, como se te ven? mal? u.u
Zahraung Aug 16, 3:52 PM
I surpased you in days spent.
Lauchita Aug 10, 8:55 AM
TotallyMonoFan Aug 3, 4:38 AM
hitagi is not a tsundere, she thinks she is but in reality she's more like sadistic waifu that will roast your ass and then get's one of the best development.
Lauchita Jul 14, 5:12 PM
TotallyMonoFan Jul 12, 2:25 PM
IshigamiCrisis Jul 2, 10:36 PM
Good to see you enjoyed Otome Game! I rewatched recently and realized it wasn't as 'objectively' good as I first thought it was, but I'm excited for S2! Hope we both enjoy it :D

Hey, update, please ignore the review I recently edited into a comment if you can. I deleted my Shadows House review because I made a mistake about some of the characters were framed. I thought they were being portrayed in a very weird way, but I was wrong; sorry if it was uncomfortable to read.
Lauchita Jun 29, 6:11 PM