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Nov 8, 2019
I would wager money that you chanced upon this anime looking for hot anime guys, so I'm going to focus on that in this review.

Story: There's a larger plot that loosely keeps the episodes together, but you're not watching this anime for the plot. Correction, DON'T watch this anime for the story. It's nothing fancy and isn't memorable. I think there's sin in the world and there's an antagonist, but again, nothing special. (The anime is based on the deities of Buddhism, but I apologize, as I'm unable to comment on the veracity.) What's important to note is that there's enough scenes written in that read more
Aug 19, 2019
In a nutshell: Everything this anime had potential in was ultimately pegged by flaws.

Story: Although the plot was predictable and unoriginal, it had the potential to be enjoyable. EXCEPT the story began at a slow pace as we met the various characters of the Brave 10. Moving at largo from episodes 1 through 10, all of a sudden the plot sped through the whole story in the last three episodes. The sad thing was that by episode 10, I welcomed the change of pace because I just wanted to get the series over with.

Characters: Again, so much potential here. For me, the eclectic and read more
Jul 30, 2019
To understand Magic-kyun! Renaissance, let's use a metaphor. Picture an ice cream sundae that's topped with your favourite syrup. Now pour another serving of syrup on top and add whipped cream (or marshmallows, sprinkles, chocolate chips; your choice of something sweet). That's what makes Magic-kyun! Renaissance.

Yes, that's exactly how I would describe this show. Like a sundae, it's not a new invention. It meets all the standard criteria of a typical shoujo anime. The extra syrup represents how sweet and cheesy it is. All the while as you savour this sundae, you know you're risking cavities. You know there won't be any surprises and it's read more
Jul 25, 2019
This show reminds me very much of Aho Girl. If you enjoy shows that aren't serious and you don't mind cheap jokes and forced ecchi-ness, then this anime might be for you.

Sempai is a magician wannabe who fails at every trick she attempts. Each failure results in embarrassment with erotic innuendos. The jokes are lowbrow. Even Assistant-kun's reactions show the same sentiments within the show; no one tries to mask the cheapness of it all. There are parts of this show that made me laugh and I very much wanted to like it a lot, (especially because I really enjoyed Aho Girl), but alas, the read more
Mar 17, 2019
The top reviews for this manga rave about its plot, the MC and tout 10 stars, which convinced me that it would be a good read. So, I started reading... And dropped it around Chapter 41. (I did, skim the rest of the chapters; it's up to 97 currently.)

Namaikizakari does remind me of Maid-sama!, there's no doubt. EXCEPT, I found Misaki-chan a lot more likeable. While Yuki is relatable, strong, and even admirable in the beginning chapters, her lack of growth and honesty really began to irk me as the plot progressed. I don't think it's a good habit of judging characters while reading manga, read more
Mar 12, 2019
*This review is for people who play Ikemen Sengoku. Otherwise, I'm telling you now, this anime will not make any sense to you; there is seemingly no plot, no character development; everything is completely nonsensical. However, if you play the otome game, and looking to feed your addiction, read on...

In my opinion, this was created for IkeSen addicts like myself. At first, I thought the chibi style would be a total turnoff, but surprisingly, they're really cute, and true to their character (as per the game). AND, watch through to the end (3 minutes) and you're rewarded with a 2 second clip of the actual read more
Mar 10, 2019
What did I just watch? My love of reverse harems and otome games brought me to add Hanayaka Nari to my "to watch" list. It happened to be available on youtube, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm pretty sure 10 minutes into the first episode, I was ready to give up on it, but knowing that it was only just 2 episodes long, I forced myself to sit through till the very end. In retrospect, I kind of wish that I hadn't. Persistence is not always a good thing. *face palms

Story - 4 (mostly for its potential, and not actual story)
The potential read more
Mar 7, 2019
I really wanted to like this series. Maybe it was my fault for starting the first episode with high expectations.

Pros: If you're into ikemen, then this is a fine show for indulging your fancies. In fact, there's a gratuitous episode where the shinsengumi need to get topless for a physical. However, the pros end there. Beyond the beautiful faces, there's not much else. As there are many characters packed into 12 episodes, you never really get to know any of them.

Cons: I'm not sure what they were thinking when they thought they could pack all that Japanese history into a dozen episodes. At read more
May 20, 2017
Worth watching just for the amazing art and CGI!

Art: 10/10
Truly beautiful. From the background to the characters, no small detail was spared. In particular, I liked their hair; their creative hairstyles were drawn so well that you can discern the layers, the braids and the hairpins.

Sound: 10/10
I usually skip the sound in my reviews because they all seem pretty standard to me. However, the music to this anime was well selected and suited, notably so and worth mentioning. The sound effects were also nicely paired and complemented the movie without detracting from the art or the story.

Story: 9/10
I'm not familiar with the manga read more
May 5, 2017
When a friend first told me about this anime and manga, I was hesitant to give it a shot because it sounded ridiculously stupid or amazingly brilliant. Twelve episodes of the anime later, I still can't tell you which it is.

Story: The concept is original, there's no doubt about it. As the title clearly states, each episode ends with "one punch". If you're freaking out right now because I've just given a major spoiler, then you'll be sorely disappointed when you watch the show, because it's mostly anti-climatic. BUT, that's the point. One Punch Man is parody and satire at its best. I've been read more