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Ikemen Sengoku: Toki wo Kakeru ga Koi wa Hajimaranai
Ikemen Sengoku: Toki wo Kakeru ga Koi wa Hajimaranai
Jul 16, 4:00 PM
Re-watching 12/12 · Scored 9
Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
Jul 9, 7:27 PM
Watching 1/13 · Scored -
Isekai Quartet 2
Isekai Quartet 2
Jul 7, 9:52 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored -
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Joushi no Asoko wa XL Size!? Futoi Sakippo… Haitteru...!
Joushi no Asoko wa XL Size!? Futoi Sakippo… Haitteru...!
Jul 7, 9:54 AM
Reading 54/? · Scored -
Game: Suit no Sukima
Game: Suit no Sukima
Jul 7, 9:53 AM
Reading 16/? · Scored -
Iryuu: Team Medical Dragon
Iryuu: Team Medical Dragon
Apr 8, 4:06 PM
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Meusnier 5 hours ago
That seems so stupid to have allowed them to reopen honestly. Good riddance I guess.

I use a lot English obviously, and I read in Japanese, and sometimes in German, but not in Spanish much. I use regularly four of them, and in a professional context, French, English and German so far. I obviously used Japanese when I went there (only once in the Tokyo region). I think that beyond five languages, you simply do not have enough time to stay at a decent level at all of them (assuming that you do not start off bilingual lol).
Meusnier Sep 12, 3:05 AM
Maybe the rumors about the so-called effects of heat and nice weather on the virus also helped trigger those behaviors (there were not many cases in Africa for example). Even strip clubs were reopened? At least, in my country night clubs did not reopen, but shows with 5000 spectators are allowed. Football (soccer) supporters did not care much about social distancing either. Now I only hope that with the coming Autumn and the rising cases, social gathering will decrease but I have real doubts about it.

I studied it in school and college, but did not study it much recently. I can still read, but it became harder to express myself. By order of proficiency, French, English, Japanese, Spanish and German.
onchyophoran Sep 11, 7:37 PM
oh, no, not judgy
more so just incredulous—
but I agree on

dark chocolate &
coffee—though admittedly
I don't drink it black

feels a bit too thin
without milk, preferably
whole—but that's just me

I think having a
drip coffee machine has ruined
me, to a degree

never was a big
coffee drinker, only had
instant crap sometimes

now, I have perhaps
a cup a day, average—
I even grind beans

not quite dependent—
but having some cold iced is
nice in the mornings

onchyophoran Sep 9, 6:34 PM
whoa whoa whoa, hold on—
what do you mean, 'not a fan'
who doesn't like sweets?

I can't imagine
being cut off from that rich
culinary side

candies, cannolis,
chocolates, cheesecakes, babkas,
pies, et cetera—

sure, they're hardly
healthy—but why should I have
to deprive myself

see, I'd rather trade
lifespan for pleasure—I don't
quite see a point in

living longer if
I cannot enjoy myself—
joy/time ratio

like some kind of dumb
maximization problem—
"happy calculus"

Meusnier Sep 9, 8:28 AM
... I see the exact same behaviour here. The very day the quarantine ended (mid-May), the bars were crowded with a lot of people, but the Government said that it is was not proven that when you drink at one feet from each other, the virus spread so things are fine I guess haha.
(5: the missing one is Spanish).
Meusnier Sep 5, 4:18 AM
Yes, I was surprised that you did not remember about your words at the time ha ha. I thought about replying something a bit more cheerful, but I was slightly depressed at the time since I could not restart going as often as I wanted to the office and could not bare any more work from home. And there is nothing worse than fake waves of positivity. Indeed, the summer was also good for the mental health. Besides wearing a mask and avoiding all social activities (including the dumb colleagues who want to have lunch...), we are now pretty close to normal in my city. Thank you! It was both amusing and difficult to work with this constraint. Now I am thinking about the two extreme constraints of using 3 or 17 words. The first one is not so difficult in Japanese, but the second certainly is! On the other hand, there are many words of one syllable in English so it should not be too difficult.
onchyophoran Sep 4, 6:19 PM
don't know that I'd call
it cheating—instead waiting
for codes that grab me

sometimes words just pop
out at you, already half
formed—but not always

he's the MJB
a prolific stock photo

initially a
bit of a dumb in-joke, but
now I've grown attached

the plastic eggs are
inedible—but you can't
deny Cadbury

or perhaps a Peeps
damn it, now I've made myself
hungry & jonesing

onchyophoran Sep 3, 9:14 PM
wordplay amuses—
the game's been enjoyable
(balked at a few codes)

think I'll keep playing—
though I fell off the other
FG's I'd tried out

perhaps they move too
quickly, failed to draw me in—
not quite sure, myself

I enjoy leaving
little easter eggs, hidden
surprises throughout

it's something of a
habit—evident from my
overwrought profile

Meusnier Sep 2, 5:01 AM
I am so sorry!
Forgetting to reply. But,
Finally I can.

Some very kind words,
Are always undeserved but
I am doing well.

I wrote some new ones on a thread if you are interested:

It was a funny exercise to use only five words in a haiku. Quite impossible in English! How are you doing? I saw that you seemed quite pessimistic in your last message on the haiku thread, I wanted to reply but then quarantine stopped and I was quite busy... Thank you again for your kind words. I cannot believe that it had been four months since the last post on this thread!
sunsetocean Aug 31, 8:35 PM
thanks 😄 same to you!
onchyophoran Aug 31, 3:40 PM
well, you always know
know how you've made something—
the shortcuts taken

the flaws or regrets—
that no-one else would notice
or see, unless shown

you know how it goes,
" being your own worst critic "
—it's all subjective

you needn't worry—
besides, this is good practice
(& who am I to judge?)

also, I'm sorry—
never been one for praise, just
always get nervous

feels like adding to
the weight of expectations—
I need to fix that

onchyophoran Aug 30, 12:54 PM
thanks, but honestly—
I think damn near anything
sounds poetic in

the form of haiku—
forces you to strip away
all that's not required

leaving only the lean core
of what you intend

making the most of
the limited syllables—
but that's just my view

never been, sadly—
closest I've been was across
Lake Ontario

went to school upstate—
maybe an hour & a half
from Niagra Falls

a lot of students
would drive out (mostly for the
lower drinking age)
sunsetocean Aug 30, 11:50 AM
lol 😂 I actually don't like it.. too hard/stiff to eat for me. But my sister used to like eating them
onchyophoran Aug 28, 6:00 PM
depth of field effects—
everything but the subject
falls away and blurs

there are certain things
that can only be seen with
or be captured through

a camera's lens—
physical artifacts, the
behaviour of light

a means to view things
in ways the eye can't discern—
a slice of time, saved

"folks down south," you say—
could you be in Canada?
(or a state like Maine)

onchyophoran Aug 27, 2:54 PM
glad you enjoyed them—
I'm an amateur at best
it's more a hobby

the zoos and gardens
just recently re-opened
(our museums too)

they have protocols
distancing and wearing masks
cut capacity

normally we'd go
often, all year—we're quite spoiled
living so close by

oh that does sound rough—
worked outside for two summers
I can empathize

damn—a cup of cold,
iced coffee sounds good right now
in the bigtime, yeah