Nov 8, 2019
citycat (All reviews)
I would wager money that you chanced upon this anime looking for hot anime guys, so I'm going to focus on that in this review.

Story: There's a larger plot that loosely keeps the episodes together, but you're not watching this anime for the plot. Correction, DON'T watch this anime for the story. It's nothing fancy and isn't memorable. I think there's sin in the world and there's an antagonist, but again, nothing special. (The anime is based on the deities of Buddhism, but I apologize, as I'm unable to comment on the veracity.) What's important to note is that there's enough scenes written in that involves the bath.

Art: For a short show of 12 episodes, I was surprised by how many characters are crammed into it. All of them are pleasant to look at. They included every trope to please the range of audience. Nothing to critique here. They have fabulous bodies. I suppose they're not too detailed, but again, with that many characters, this anime's done a good job.

Sound: I wish I had something to comment on regarding its sound, but I've got nothing. The voices weren't exceptional and I don't remember the soundtrack. It gets 5 because it was neither bad or good enough to register on my consciousness.

Character: They put in a type for everyone, but you don't really get to know any of them very well. They're mostly 2D and any 'understanding' is superficial. Again, if you're watching the show for the aesthetics, this bit can be forgiven. However, without really getting to know any of the characters, you also don't get to 'fall in love' with any of them.

Enjoyment: From the standpoint of watching this anime entirely for the male eye candy, it's quite enjoyable. If you attempt to watch this anime for any other reason, you might find yourself sorely disappointed.

Takeaway: This is an anime that won't keep you on your toes. I think it took me a year (if not more) to finally finish it. It's something to watch when you want to ogle two-dimensional yummy Buddhist deities. (No disrespect to the faith.)