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Apr 21, 2012
Kyaaa! just finished the series about five minutes ago! I had realized this manga had no reviews so I thought---Why not? I shall be the first to write one!

Truthfully, the first time I saw this manga title I thought it was the most stupid title I had ever seen! "My Boyfriend is a Vampire"? Get real!
I generally do not like, strongly dislike, any manga or anime related to vampires. Ok, I apologize deeply to the Vampire Knight fans and etc. out there. But I just generally think the idea of vampires is gross and weird. I'm not gonna read more
Apr 14, 2012
I liked it. Prince of Tennis is one of my top favorite animes...but this new season...
The story is ok, there is a plot...sort of. It's pretty basic, and not very complicated. The comedy is not sidesplitting. The matches seem repeating, but the techniques they have now are not like the first anime; they make you go "oh cool", unlike the first season where I was beyond excitement.
What devastated me beyond repair is the ending. To not spoil anything, I will not go in detail. It is among the worst ending I have ever watched, and if it's not for the following reasons, I am really read more