Apr 21, 2012
chiaokeli (All reviews)
Kyaaa! just finished the series about five minutes ago! I had realized this manga had no reviews so I thought---Why not? I shall be the first to write one!

Truthfully, the first time I saw this manga title I thought it was the most stupid title I had ever seen! "My Boyfriend is a Vampire"? Get real!
I generally do not like, strongly dislike, any manga or anime related to vampires. Ok, I apologize deeply to the Vampire Knight fans and etc. out there. But I just generally think the idea of vampires is gross and weird. I'm not gonna waste your time explaining why in this review so let's get on with it....

Story: 8
I admit I have lost. This is the first time I had read a vampire manga and had thought: That was just amazing. The story is ingenious, and the ending is very unpredictable, but there were foreshadows here and there for sharp readers. BUT, I kept on having the feeling that Kang-Hoo's love was not being expressed properly, and not strong enough. The only counter I can think of for that is that Kang-Hoo is just a guy who does not express his feelings openly. For the other characters, it's really easy to tell, as they were blushing like crazy and stuff. Also, the story later on entwines with the plot and storyline of "Love in the Mask", which is written by the same author. It turns out literally exactly same, and I felt like I was being cheated out of. I have no idea which one was written first, but this is the reason why I gave it the one of the lowest score out of the others: 8.

Character: 8
The characters are nice(can't find another word for it heheh..), but it's an expected shoujo development. For example, the happy-go-lucky girl meets a mean guy, the mean guy slowly softens and becomes a new, good person(who usually tends to fall in love with the girl xP) And of course, there's the really annoying people that you just want to strangle. T.T

Art: 9

Like I said in my other review(s), I don't mind art. The way Han Yu-Rang draws is very different from the "this generation" artists. Her drawings have an old feeling to it, but they are all very, very pretty. The guys are gorgeous, and the girls are--well, gorgeous. I especially like how she does the eyes, they stand out on each page!

Enjoyment: 10

I couldn't put this down. Well, that's not saying much cause I usually can't put any manga down. ^.^ But, funnily, the endings to her chapters were THE WORST. They stopped, not in the climax, not in a proper ending, but something like a normal conversation just cut off! It's not even a cliff hanger, like "I love you..." and chapter ends there. It's more like, "Hey, look, it's my dad." and it ends there. But even with those weird endings, it's so addicting it took me two hours to put it down >.< (weell, I'm just like that with any other manga, but this one was just different!)

Overall : 9

I seriously took a long, long time debating this score. When it had come down to the last four chapters(which were like 170 pages long each), and was going toward the end, I had decided if the ending sucked, I was going to give it a 6 no matter how good the beginning and middle was. I was very doubtful of her finishing it off safely, but she did! The ending may have been unsatisfying to some people, but it was very cute to me!

I hope you all will pick up this manga! (Disregard the name TT.TT)