Apr 14, 2012
chiaokeli (All reviews)
I liked it. Prince of Tennis is one of my top favorite animes...but this new season...
The story is ok, there is a plot...sort of. It's pretty basic, and not very complicated. The comedy is not sidesplitting. The matches seem repeating, but the techniques they have now are not like the first anime; they make you go "oh cool", unlike the first season where I was beyond excitement.
What devastated me beyond repair is the ending. To not spoil anything, I will not go in detail. It is among the worst ending I have ever watched, and if it's not for the following reasons, I am really annoyed:
1) Creating another season
2) Mid-break
The art is pretty much the same. I don't EVER have a preference in art for anime or manga, unless it's unbearable to look at. Whatever the art is, it's usually easy to adjust to. The NPOT is not exceptionally detailed like CLAMP, but it's not amateur like the really, really old mangas. The expressions shown are understandable.
I don't pay attention to the sound much, unless, of course, it is impossible to decipher any words they are saying. The quality this time was not very good...there was the occasional static around the voices and afterwards. The voices of the actors sometimes sounded muffled. The background sounds were pretty basic sounds, but it's as expected, same as the art level. As for the static problem, it might have just been the source, maybe it sounded fine if someone bought the DVDs, whereas I watched it online. And as always, Japanese seiyuus are amazing!
I enjoyed it as always. I waited eagerly for each episode to come out, and was never disappointed. After finishing one, you just want to watch the next one ASAP! The matches made my attention go down a bit, but I drank in every detail because I am just that big of a fan of POT.
I would recommend it only for patient or experienced anime watchers. As it is a sports anime, it may be hard for your attention span, and is not a good first impression for an anime newbie. POT is still better, and of course watch that before you watch this!