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Nov 6, 2017
Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata (or Saekano) is a light novel series written by Maruto, renowned for writing visual novel script, and illustrated by Kurehito. It is a light-hearted school life series. The readers follow the protagonist Tomoya Aki and his doujin circle (harem), as they try to find success in making a visual novel that people will enjoy.

If the description so far sounds like a typical school life harem series, it is because Saekano never denies itself as such. Its character cast is set up with the classic harem formula. It has Kasumigaoka on the senpai role, Eriri on the osananajimi role, Mizuhara as the ...
Mar 23, 2017
Mixed Feelings
Masamune-kun no Revenge is the kind of anime that would inevitably come out every season. It is, in essence, a harem, high school life, comedy, light romance show. It is the kind of show that would appeal to younger anime fans, especially those with less experience in knowing the tropes and cliches in the industry.

Don't get me wrong. Just because an anime roots itself in a genre that can easily be seen as cliched does not mean it has to be so. My subjective opinions aside, there are definitely some good shows that I've seen in the past in this genre that have some ...
Oct 2, 2015
Mixed Feelings
As you may or may not know, galgame is a popular type of game in Japan, whose main goal is to raise flags with heroines and ultimately get together with each one of the heroines (and have sex, for 18+ version). For good or for bad, there many fans of galgame even outside of Japan, myself included. Now here is a mind-blowing concept, what if you are able to project the plot and characters in your favorite galgame into your real life? What would you do? What sort of (mis)adventures would unfold? Most importantly, do you get the chance to date your favorite 2D galgame ...
Dec 7, 2014
Summer Days (Manga) add
Summer Days is side story to the infamous anime/VN School Days. To be honest, I only read this novel because I was searching the keyword "summer" on a book database, and found it by accident. Summer Days is a spin-off of School Days, centered on Setsuna, Sekai's best friend if you remembered from the anime.

Guess what? I still don't get one bit how Makoto is somehow so popular that he could get as many cunts as he want.

Good novels are grounded on good characters and story, and Summer Days had none of those to begin with, not mentioning that most of the events in this ...
Nov 6, 2014
Yesterday, my girlfriend and I wanted to watch an anime movie. We had four choices: AnoHana Movie, Hotaru no Haka, Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo, and Nerawareta Gakuen. Because I thought the rest of the choices would be too sentimental for a casual watch, we went with the last choice, Nerawareta Gakuen.

Don't make the same mistake I did.

I'll say it right away. I am not sure where this story stands in terms of science fiction writing (the source material), but in terms of an anime movie adaptation, it is horrible.

Story (3)
I do understand that everyone enjoys a different type of story. Some prefer drama, some prefer ...
Oct 17, 2014
If this manga had ended with a School Days TV anime ending, I would have actually give it 5/10.

Shounen yo Taishi wo Dake! tells a story of a university freshman, who lost his chance to potentially become a wizard, and had sex with two girls (separately) at the day he lost his virginity. The manga closely follows his daily life.

It's sad to say this, but the story is actually good to a certain point. Although the plot is clearly aimed at young male audience, at least the way the story is executed seems interesting at first.

The type of art that will neither make ...
Jun 19, 2014
Since I spent two days and 3 nights up to 3am reading this novel, I thought I'd write a review, though I am too lazy to write a comprehensive one.

An amazing start. A shitty finish.

...sums up the plot of this novel. The setting is in a medieval, slightly fantasy world. We follow the story of a young slave, who later is tasked with the pretending to be the dead prince. Throughout the adventure, we often view things from the supporting character' POV.

This book, unlike most other light novels that revolve around high school drama, resembles western fantasy war literature more. The world construction is ...
Jun 14, 2014
“I want to prove to the world that grades aren’t everything.”
- Yuuji Sakamoto, leader of class 2-F

In a high school where the equipment you get, the amount of respect you receive, and the destruction power of your summoning beast are strictly divided according to your academic skills, this seems to be a foolishly ambitious claim. However, if it is those “idiots” in class 2-F, I believe they can definitely do it.

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu is a popular, 17-volume (5 side stories volumes) light novel series that has been since adapted into anime (2 seasons) and manga. Ironically, this series is perhaps most prominent for ...
Apr 16, 2014
The setup of the story is much like other Chinese (internet) fantasy novels, with multitudes of races, weapons, and classes that we are familiar with from games and high fantasy. However, this novel really stands apart from the typical ones. This isn't a story where the protagonist slowly builds up his strength, and saves the world in the end. The narrative focuses much more on relationship between the numerous main characters, and how characters grow from their experiences, even though they do end up saving the world in the end.

By just reading the first chapter, one will see that the author has a talent ...
Feb 9, 2014
**I have already finished reading this manga**

First off, if you are just looking for a happy-go-around romance/slice of life manga, stay the fuck away from this one. Saiteihen no Otoko is noticeably different from the majority of other manga because it actually tries* to be a true horror story, with very messed up contents that might just appeal to horror thriller fans. This is quite rarely seen in the medium of manga and anime.

For something that is only 3 volumes long, there are a tons of narrative contents told. The pages are filled with twists and turns, leaving readers on the edge of their seats. ...

It’s time to ditch the text file.
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