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Jul 23, 2013
Bleach (Anime) add
Preliminary (50/366 eps)
The genre of shounen has always been the backbone of the anime world.Garnering recognition on the international scale and allowing for further exposure of the culture than any other genre.Needless to say for a veteran anime watcher and shounen lover like myself,bleach is one of the worst shounen i have ever seen.

The shounen genre have always been criticized for being too cliche and repetitive based on it's plot and characterization.A notion i have always found to be unfair since almost all genre acquire a level of repetitiveness over time and originality become harder to obtain.But the main issue i have with bleach is that ...
Mar 29, 2013
A truly unique and enjoyable anime.It tells the story of rich businessman son: Kenji Miyazawa who tries to find deeper meaning to life and his place among society. As the son of a rich businessman it would be easy to undertake the role of the family business and live in relative comfort and splendor.But kenji yearns for adventure and so tries his hand at different jobs to see if he can find any answers to life.

The main character Kenji Miyazawa is a bit of an oddball,his idealistic view of life and carefree attitude is a point of contention between him and his father and ...
Mar 19, 2013
A perfectly good example of how bad characters can ruin a potentially good anime.

Makoto Konno is an average high school teen who one day due to a freak accident find out that when she vigorously leap she can go back in time.She then uses this power to her benefit to undo any past mistakes .She will eventually find out that such power come with grave consequences.

Firstly the characters are among the most boring/average that you will come across in the world of anime and just didn't have the charisma needed to carry what is an otherwise interesting plot.The stupidity of the main character and how ...
Dec 27, 2012
A pretty solid anime and a good inclusion to the Leiji Matsumoto Title.Someone has stolen the Rhein gold,an object with the power to defy the flow of time an utterly destroy the universe.Its up to the crew of the ship with the skull and cross;the Arcadia to stop them.

While searching for a missing friend, the crew of the Arcadia comes across a space colony who's people had been completely wiped out.The bandits were seeking information about the whereabouts of the planet Rheim,located in the centre of the universe,it is the location of the Rhein Gold.They aim to use it to forge a ring that will ...
Dec 18, 2012
Genma Taisen (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
After surviving a mysterious airline explosion princess Luna then encounter a supernatural being that warn her about the impending fate of the earth.The evil demonic entity called Genma plots to whip out all life on earth and only her and other special individuals with psychic powers called psionic warriors can stop him.She most gather the other from across the globe and unite to defeat Genma and his evil minions

I Seriously deserve the title of sainthood for sitting through this;which although overall wasn't completely awful, at times was a dung fest.The pacing is ridiculously slow and the plot transparent and uninspiring.The characters were bland ...
Dec 12, 2012
Mixed Feelings
This anime is unique in that although on the surface its supremely average it carries a deeper underlying theme about human society and the destruction that prevails as a consequence of man's desire for technological advancement.For a young girl called Eve the sanctuary of E.Y.E.S is all that she has ever known.Daily telepathic training with the other girls of the sanctuary is the only thought that has ever filled her mind as she and all her friends have no memory of their past or any existence beyond the sanctuary.

Her life will change forever as she meets a young man,a rebel from the outskirt's ...
Dec 7, 2012
Something strange is happening in Tokyo Bay.Underwater labors are being destroyed,people are turning up dead and speculations begin to spiral once a picture of a strange creature is spotted.Detectives Kusumi and Hata must uncover the culprit of the Tokyo Bay terrorism while at the same time uncover a possible government coverup.

There's three main premise you expect from a Patlabor title;brilliant animation,a strong storyline and carefully choreographed mecha action.Patlabor movie 3 does a good job of blending all these.

The animation is top notch.Drawing are done with great detail and rich colour.The only minor flaw would be the character design which at times looks shoddy ...
Dec 3, 2012
Really enjoyed this one,nothing spectacular but with enough flavor and style to keep it interesting.Its your typical ninja anime with your evil emperor want to take over japan by wiping out the ninja clan .Think of it as a shorter version of ninja scroll with lesser quality animation.What made this anime so unique is that one faction of the warfare is fighting with guns,tanks,bombs and laser while the other guys are using swords and throwing knifes,talk about mismatch huh.The fighting scenes were really well done showing great detail and went well with the crisp old school drawing animation .

The characters were your regular" cookie cutter" ...
Nov 26, 2012
An anime so awful it deserve a warning much more than a review.Christopher Chiaki gets transported to the past by a enslaved village people as they believe him to be a legendary warrior called garzeys wing.He helps them to fight there captive in bloody encounters.

Well kiddies if you were expecting something deeper to your story you're better off watching hentia.the plot is so paper thin that's its almost non- existent,yet at the same time being convoluted and silly.What confusing was even though Christopher was transported to another time period a version of him was still left in his time and they communicated by ...
Nov 9, 2012
Whether you're a fan of the Bubblegum Crisis franchise,a cyberpunk fan or even just a casual anime viewer this anime has something to offer.After the events of the original ova the knight sabers have all moved on and taken new directions with their life's while leaving their superhero past.

Priss after being signed by a record label is overjoyed over the prospect of being a professional singer.

Linna works for the financial district and have found a new passion besides fighting,making money.

Nene still work for AD Police and is the only one that truly misses the knight sabers. And Sylia whereabouts is unknown.

Trouble brews as rogue criminals ...

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