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Dec 7, 2008
Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo is a sci-fi semi-slice of life semi-romance movie. The main character, Makoto, attains the ability to "leap" through time. Paradoxes ensue.

Story: For the most part, the story was very good. However, I felt it was difficult at times to follow exactly what is going on. Drawing out a timeline along with alternate timelines could help clarify the plot. The ending could have been a little better, but is okay as it stands. 9/10

Art: The movie in general has very good art, especially on landscapes and specific details. However, some of the movements made by characters seem poorly done and sometimes it read more
Sep 29, 2008
Yes. I know. It doesn't average out. Deal with it.

Shuffle! is a harem anime based off a visual novel, as you probably already know. Beyond that, the series completely lost me.

Story: When it got to a certain point for me, there story blew right past me and everything kind of went downhill. Guy meets one girl from the past, then another, and soon has all sorts of girls around him. Typical harem, nothing special.

Art: For the most part, I have found that animes that come from visual novels tend to have good art, and this series was no exception. The overall art to me was read more
Oct 22, 2007
The Utawarerumono DVD Specials take a look on the lighter side of the series, somewhere in the middle when the situation was much more peaceful. These four mini-episodes, each from 6 to 10 minutes long, are hilarious. I thought the first, third and fourth were slightly funnier than the second one, but the second one was still pretty funny.
It must be said that there is a need to watch the first special before the second, and the third before the fourth (which I cannot find a subbed version of). Even so, the fourth special is not all to hard to follow even without subs. The read more
Sep 25, 2007
Onegai Twins OVA:

The plot is pretty straightforward...with subtitles. Karen is over-possessive of Maiku, abandoning the "Love Alliance" formed in the actual series. Of course, Maiku wants to be left alone to do his work, but is unable to do so with Karen all over him. Thus he enlists some help to get a tent by the lakeside where he can get some peace and quiet to do work...or so he thought...I'll leave the rest of the story for you to watch on your own.

I must say that parts of the OVA do get more than PG-13, but there isn't that much. Character-wise, this OVA manages read more