Sep 25, 2007
aznHoopsfan (All reviews)
Onegai Twins OVA:

The plot is pretty straightforward...with subtitles. Karen is over-possessive of Maiku, abandoning the "Love Alliance" formed in the actual series. Of course, Maiku wants to be left alone to do his work, but is unable to do so with Karen all over him. Thus he enlists some help to get a tent by the lakeside where he can get some peace and quiet to do work...or so he thought...I'll leave the rest of the story for you to watch on your own.

I must say that parts of the OVA do get more than PG-13, but there isn't that much. Character-wise, this OVA manages to bring in just about everyone from Onegai Twins and Teacher (well at least the slightly more main characters).

Parts of this OVA are pretty funny, but to a certain extent Morino really goes overboard on her spying...

Overall this is a good OVA that only builds on what happened after the conclusion of the series. I recommend that if you have finished the Onegai Twins series, watch this OVA.